Matters Needing Attention in How to Maintain Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli was deeply loved by emperors in ancient times. How can Lapis lazuli, which can be used as jade carvings, jewelry and ornaments, be maintained?? What do you need to pay attention to? Then, let’s follow Xiao Bian to the 12-month birthday stones to have a look.!   First, avoid scratching. Compared with other kinds of jewelry and jade, Lapis lazuli has lower hardness, so it is easy to be scratched by some sharp objects.. Therefore, when we wear or store Lapis lazuli, we should avoid contact between Lapis lazuli ornaments and other metal ornaments to avoid collision and scratch of Lapis lazuli ornaments.. Of course, when storing Lapis lazuli jewelry, you should also remember to put it in a relatively safe place, not too high, nor put it together with some sharp metal tools and other jewelry..   Second, avoid oxidation. The glittering mineral in Lapis lazuli is Native copper. We all know that copper is an easily oxidized substance.. Therefore, in order to maintain Lapis lazuli well, oxidation must be avoided.. As for how to avoid oxidation, the most basic point is not to put Lapis lazuli in a place with water, and secondly not to let soy sauce, cool, oil stains and other stains contact the surface of Lapis lazuli. More can’t put green gold five in some higher pH solution. Once the surface of Lapis lazuli has all kinds of water stains, it must be wiped clean immediately..   Third, correct cleaning Finally, we need to remind everyone that the most basic maintenance in Lapis lazuli is to do a good job of correct cleaning.. Remember never to clean Lapis lazuli with water, because Lapis lazuli is made up of many minerals and there are various tiny gaps in its internal tissues.. If the Lapis lazuli is soaked or washed with water, it is easy to reverse osmosis some stains into the interior of Lapis lazuli.. The correct way is to wipe the surface stains of Lapis lazuli with a wet towel after wringing out the water.. You can also gently wipe it with a soft brush..   Matters needing attention in daily wearing 1,. The hardness of Lapis lazuli is low, so collision should be avoided. When not wearing, it should be placed in a cloth bag as far as possible..   2、. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight..   3、. Avoid contact with water as much as possible, and do not soak in clear water or Photographic processing..   4、. Avoid high or low temperatures..   5、. Avoid contact with irritant liquids such as sweat.

Like a person, look at TA issued by the state as reading comprehension constellation

Now developed a network to facilitate communication, what Weibo, QQ space, circle of friends, forums and other public social platforms, most people will look at remarks published from time to time or dynamically, all of them are feeling like a scholar like.But some people, like like rhetorical exercise, pretending to be mysterious, like a person, hair-like state as reading comprehension!  We take a look at twelve constellations, what constellation of like a person, like to see the TA issued a state of reading comprehension.  Libra: Like a person, the state always made Guzuoshenchen, Libra is pondering the introduction of a special attention to the image of the person, their appearance and image always elegant image of the show.Although they do something decent, thoughtful, but is so crisp at the time for love, but not with doing things, decisive, like a person, you will always make some Guzuoshenchen, pondering the introduction, in their own state such as reading comprehension like, is really quite made.  Scorpio: The secret is their innate temperament Raisin Scorpio is a person who looks cold Mo, do not like contact with people, because in the eyes of Scorpio, is like TA people will certainly understand TA’s man, not like TA people, then they bother to explain to.But in fact, their hearts are also very enthusiastic when they like a person, will be small token of my mood Hair state, but the secret is their innate temperament, their hair-like state as reading comprehension.  Cancer: gentle, subtle, restrained and literary Cancer Congress are very mild, to see people feel very self-cultivation, are more literary person, usually in always speaks very decent, in words and deeds always reveal dramas, has a wealth of knowledge.But the character of Cancer are mild and subtle, literary and introverted, they usually still very quiet.But at the time like a person, like to see the TA issued by the state to do reading comprehension, literary feelings of snarky.  Twelve constellations of different personalities, expressing feelings of love is not the same, some people are bold and direct, but some people is that many relatively restrained, but anyway, we must be brave for love to pursue, so as not to miss sorry again.You might also like: water reverse Tuisan, most are not afraid of water against five constellation moody just because moving it real emotional constellation constellation of these good men and makes you want Behind his favors, these constellations girlfriends also heart-warming than men vote The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Conservative generals Capricorn Chinese Scorpios will be met strength lift up without a fight

“If you really love a person, you will find that eventually you want, just be happy she!Initially passion Yi Cai dream, gradually being swamped by the Red troubles, many shed the bitterness accompany ring passes quietly.Do not let someone become something all of you.Instead of feeling can not be touched.”Well, then we take a look at the story of the conservative generals constellation Capricorn Scorpio also met Han strength lift up without a fight story!  Actor: born 1994 Capricorn.  Actress: Scorpio born in 1992.  Because a friend of a friend, so met a Capricorn man.He worked excellent, very gentle, but also with a little introverted.Recently, someone contacts him because his girlfriend blind introduction of failure, so the mood is very low.  When a friend at the party, always felt he sometimes staring at me, I look at him, he treated eyes dodge.I do not know unrequited love, or really.The party, he did not talk much, very silent.But occasionally very convincing sentence.  Like him, he began to send text messages, write e-mail.He will be back, content is very brief but humorous.  Later, I could not help but send him a text message saying: “If I say I love you, would you say you’d be aware of?”He was silent for a long time, I replied:” We’ve been good friends, if hate each other, then how to communicate it?Rare friend in life, I cherish.”I said:” Just like you, thought about what Guoqu crossed, just like the heart, I would like to point Hello.”He made a smiley face, and then said busy with work, and can not reply to me.  Climbing with other friends, because fall, crying and send him text messages.He responded by saying: “Silly girl, crying face will be cracked at the top of the hill.”I said, fits and starts heartbeat.  About him, he will come out.Invited me to dinner, chat with me.Two people have been walking all over the streets, to 11 points, respectively, before finally.  Private live alone and found his words a lot, loves to laugh.I speak, he’ll be watching me intently, smiling, very warm.Occasionally remind me to eat breakfast (I do not eat breakfast).  But he has not said whether I like.Never take the initiative to contact me, every time I contacted him, he did contact me.His previous girlfriend is very beautiful, I think is not beautiful.In the end he did not know how to think.He also had two exchanges, although three girls before, but just Tan.He said he likes to talk when love has been talking about, until two people want to get married in order to have close contact.  Many times, really want to say: I miss you.But not say.  I would like to ask him if he likes me, fear of being rejected.  Want to hold pull his hand, he relies on his shoulder, but he is so conservative people.  I almost died tangle.You might also like: Who is Pisces Libra water catch the wind, look at our male lion chasing Pisces woman, just pet her as a princess terrible revenge, revenge Scorpio man can last long when love and marriage Taurus shooter aground, how to restore

Thoughts like song

Part One: Listening to miss the first song like “Painted Heart”, humming, thinking: looking at you holding me look like moonlight lonely.As night fell, the gloom hanging over the heart, like you said cut, and chaotic, is sadness.Pounding the keyboard, thinking of your face, you can not help but have added a bit sad.Really Want, suddenly appeared in your side, remember past time together.  I will never forget that night, you nervous about my illness.I can not get that hint of sadness in your beautiful face slightly.I can not hide the joy when you receive every letter.Whenever I revisit that a sealed letter, rows of graceful writing and India into the heart, a smile always on his face waves, endless recall.  While you and I separated thousands of miles away, but I seem to feel you by my side.Gentle eyes, handsome face, there was a kind-hearted, your few words, your smile a cry, as rain is moistening my heart.Faint aroma, taste sweet, refreshing and memorable, makes people feel happy sorrow.  Even intersection network, but through mouse and keyboard through the layers of demons, and the rest is really two boys and girls.Compared with the money, she is priceless.Compared with lust, he is so pure.There is no rose of romance, some a lotus-like mud but otherwise pure.No noble peony, some strong grass-like and ordinary.South of May, flowers flourish, I have no desire to love, your face and constantly surfacing.  Tonight’s the night sky, floating in the slightest rain, gone past the little stars.Market neon still shines, but there is no bright in the shadow of darkness.Without you, my heart suddenly become dim.Sad tunes, filled my heart, leaving only endless sad.  Thoughts like the song, I sing here, you on the other side together.No stars embellishment, some emotional resonance.No green leaf foil, some pure tone.Thoughts like the song, cadence, tears of blood.Thoughts like the song, pause, there are a bunch omitted except.Part II: thoughts like a song<<秘密的花园>>, Gave me a lot of feelings, a touch of sadness Qinru heart.Whether remembered that fall, walk together in the patch of greenery field.How many times want to take your hand.Nightlife network, however, everything is too late to.Perhaps the flowers bloom in that moment, the opportunity for everyone only once, there is no chance to restore lost again.I can only sit here and listen to this first lonely tunes today.Every note in my mind swimming, each time reminds me of you, your every move I appear before my eyes, embedded in my heart.  A lifetime of memories, more profound today.Perhaps this is a helpless, helpless people a sense of loss, frustration people mature.  I like to remember, once again memories, memories can have no meaning.Goes you a smile, a look brought me too much moved and happy.Memories is not my hobby, but I like the memories of your day, you make me happy.Now I was alone in the distance, the children leave home homesick, and leave your day, there are thoughts of you every minute.  Perhaps, it is this Huakaihuaxie, the ebb and flow of the scene, the interpretation of the everlasting years.My thoughts, and even my life also quiet in the cold memories.In this way, no dream, no need to dream of time wasted with trivial.Weep, shout yet to erase the sad heart, only he complained to figure out the hope that it will listen to my voice, less of a sense of pain.  Like nostalgia, nostalgia your face.Watery youth, dream of Love, in my mind waves.The hearts of depression, and only you can read.Every memory, you have to give moved.  And now, alone in the distance, lonely night, empty silence haunted by the endless night.But the mind is not calm, even asleep in bed, will call your name, crying calling, the crying in prayer, moved in prayer, and ultimately returned to the dream.So repeatedly, tossing and turning, call in the twilight, moving often.  Then, after a sleepless night.  Maybe I should move forgetting, forgetting people learn how to face tomorrow.Anterior and more difficult, and only put down the burden, in order to have more strength embark on the journey.Forget it!Forget the past and start again; forget it!Forget it!Only forgetting to get back freedom.  Know how to find the forgotten freedom, caring people can find friends.And I know this is the lack, so I confused for freedom, for the pursuit of your footsteps and depressed.Maybe a lot of friends, but there are a few real intimate?Thoughts again and again, gave me a lot of happiness, there are thoughts you have your beautiful face.  And every time you have a miss.Miss in searching for someone your shadow.You have every time I find that disappeared in the dim light.Maybe I only boarded the tower, to find your shadow.You gave me too much I miss, miss bits and pieces, imprinted in my heart the Church, pliers into my mind.Let me linger.  When it rains, these feelings the more profound.Ticking rain, as if you are calling in the distance, as you call my name in a low voice.This call is like a poem, beautiful but sorrowful.Standing before the windowsill in the rain, to see which of those litter flower, pear rain but cardiopulmonary tearing pain, as if my heart is broken in general.Thoughts fly, let it spread in the mind.In the rain, the rain and the tears already tell.Raindrops on my face, but I feel it is salty.  Looking back on song<<秘密花园>>, They would understand the past memories of autumn flowers like passing, tell vicissitudes full circle yellow

Wolf feces mud

Think of the hometown Wang Jia Yao village, naturally think of the origin of the name of the village home.Often think of the origin of the name of the village, it makes me fall into a deep bitter memories. He recalls, due to my father.Childhood memories, my father is kicking wheels run in the room (Devonian workshop) in.Run the room, a great circle desktop size wooden wheels, above the palm wolf feces mud in the table (do Devonian master) hands, it is a tank basin is only momentary thing.I saw the palm of his hand hanging sub tables (made of hardwood semicircular board) sat there, a pool of mud wolf feces on the rapid rotation of the hand wheel, blink of an eye to build a sugar-free along the basin.Then, along with palm tables and sub-skin (a rubber) is the blink of an eye put out pots lining along to children.At this time, just listen to palm the table saying “Well,” kicking the wheels rested legs, the table with the palm gently rubbing the soles orgy wheels, the wheels can bowled stop.The wheel stops, the palm of the table with both hands stretch Shiraz (thin wires do), a stoop, Shiraz slipped over the basin, hands index finger to press the wheel Shiraz straightened above, only a pull inward, put Shiraz pelvic floor cut away from the surface of the wheel, he took charge of the table to bow hand (bamboo Pizi do), caught in the bowl and gently put back the lower part of the basin to move down from the wheel.In this way, the birth of a Devonian. Father pedal wheel, tall figure father saw run in a room hand column foot, right foot kept Dengzhe wheel rim, the wheel is rotated rapidly.In this way, the table in order to ease the palm to make a wide variety of items mud. At that time my father some strength, strong as an ox.Dad two jobs, in addition to kicking the wheels, there is a more bitter errand, wolf feces and mud.Wolf feces mud full of hard tack, a hob meat category in the mud, trying to wolf feces mud 3: 1 ratio and are loess, which was the most bitter effort to live.Like dumplings and noodles that the same procedure tiring.Wolf feces and mud must not run in the dark corners of the room the sun’s conduct, a pool of cold wolf feces mud, mud and double foot up, just stepped into sharp nuggets inside, every pool of mud do 100 sets pots (each sub large pan, two pots, three pots, one each), and about my father every day, and when they become braced loess Qinghui wolf feces mud color so far.Dad stood in the mud is often a wolf feces for hours and do not recover from, such as washing the head Rehan, has long legs ice was unconscious, I do not know numb pain.Now, over the years my father was suffering from vasculitis, a pair of calf muscle full package, I think, and then kicking the wheels, wolf feces and mud are inseparable. Once, I and small partners to take advantage of the noon meal dads got into profit housing gap.I sat in the middle of the wheel, the junior partner to imitate my father kicking their feet wheel posture, Yi Deng, rearing, wheels spinning up, I was dizzy turn straight, eyes full of the moon and stars, suddenly a black, a big belly pancake, green onions dipped in miso peremptorily child vomited all over the floor.Therefore, I seriously ill.Right now, I see things turning fast, and immediately feel dizzy. Adults do with the wolf feces clay pots to sell, to make ends meet.Our small partners feelings wolf feces mud is very deep, and now it’s like children playing with plasticine flexible, easy to shape. Childhood poverty, these toys are not part of our poor children.So, the big people with free time for us wolf feces mud kneaded flute, whistles and other toys, then our own small hand pinched wolf feces mud, do some chickens, dogs of small animals.Wolf feces mud toys done, done into the mud bowl, along with the mud pots are placed in pots in the kiln barbecue.After a few days along with the Devonian together out of the kiln, the toy becomes gray and dark, like a burn pots, as hard as a rock. Clay pots of burning kiln, leaving my childhood and look forward to many happy memories. Zhuang kiln, is to do 200 sets of Devonian suffer emissions into the kiln kang, after the strong adobe kiln entrance with the puzzle, and then touch strict yellow clay mud, they begin to point the kiln (open burning).Shujie kiln using a straw, stalks per kiln Shujie about 400 bundles, burning five hours.Over a 5 hours, the start baking furnace, stove door blocked touch strict, two small kiln chimney pots of soil with three plug sealed, with the few chimneys iron lining, mud coming down, called Sheung , also known as dome.Every night time, clawed three entrances and chimneys and kitchen door, scorching heat began to flee from Wang Chu three chimney, then it is roasted green corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes good time.Every autumn mother broke from the yard a few green corn ear, put on iron Qianzai, then the chimney on the vertical wire into the pots in the kiln, only work for a little while, Green has been roasted corn Wangwang yellow, exudes seductive fragrance, simply eat one incense into the heart, immersed in the bone marrow. From the kiln, it is to take out the cooked pots from kiln.This process is also very hard, Huoer together on the dragon off, palm table, kicking the wheels, and mud, the kiln matter what the season, wore thick cotton-padded jacket, trousers, wearing a straw hat, wearing cotton hand boring son, got into the same steamer Wang Chu to take the kiln sweltering scorching pots.Dad said, live from the kiln is simply to jump through hoops as hard, sometimes wearing a straw hat will be roasted on fire.With the rapid social and economic development, Devonian handicraft gradually decline.Ocean paint pots, aluminum basin, plastic basin cans and other products of modern science and technology, easily the vigorous development since the history of Devonian clay pots and other clay products industry ruthlessly ban.Devonian full-time artisans engaged in the labor of our family surnamed Wang, the production team had to first when the “uncompleted” (non-farm work never done, with only half of all the others doing farm work, earn half a person’s work points).Dad said, those days, most of our tribe Wang sad day, partly because since then abandon ancestral property, on the other hand is to learn farm work awkward and embarrassed. Wolf feces mud has disappeared thirty years in my memory the.Dad said, we kiln Tuen Wang Wang family a total of five pots kiln, kilns divided East and West kiln, kiln south, north and waist kiln kiln.I was back home kiln kiln ruins on the south side of the house walls Dad, now leaving only small bags filled with earth and rubble films over and over. Going to write this essay has been a few months time, the preceding time back Yangdachengzi oriented Boda Shu Jia Shu home two brothers La Hukou, wine on the table I mentioned Wang family time we are engaged in Devonian handicrafts, jade phoenix uncle said without hesitation, our ancestors had to make a living Devonian.Qing Dynasty, Wang family Qinge three of us pushing a wheelbarrow with wooden wheels to flee from famine Northeast and the Northeast, the election in many places, there is no wolf feces mud.One day, all the way east ancestors carrying shovels to dig a few, West dig a few, came to Wang Jia Yao village only to find the wolf feces mud where a large quantity of underground storage, therefore, we went to the northeast of Wang tribe here wasteland cut grass, off blank puzzle kiln, where settled, the village named Wang kiln off. Today’s wolf feces mud buried in native land, because it does not grow crops, has been worthless in the eyes of the people now, however, I was in love with a wolf feces mud, because it is raising another generation of our generation, surnamed Wang, tribe, have raised me up, gave me endless joy of childhood!

12 constellations woman who is most likely to be deceived Cock wire male affection

Some Cock silk men like to pretend sitting duck, obviously no strength, but also in the face of a girl hat and no cattle.This man deceived the girls really unlucky, twelve constellations women have their own vulnerabilities and weaknesses, they will most likely to be deceived Cock silk men do?And look together with the small series!The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  TOP5: Pisces women have to cajole Pisces woman, is as simple as just to say a few nice words of love, the purpose is achieved, Pisces women want to hear nice, and very strange, the more false words of love, the more likely to be female Pisces impress, Qiongyao Shi, it sounds as people goose bumps love, then, for the Pisces woman is very sweet.Cock silk men, in addition to mouth, what, coax girls, only by mouth, so the general Cock wire male mouth are practicing badly, just love, then compile point, Pisces woman on fallen.Pisces women are good at fantasy, Cock silk men even admit that he is all day long those days Cock wire, Pisces female brain make a lot of drama or plot out, Cock wire male suspect is the wealthy son so poor, really hopeless.  TOP4: Cancer woman Cancer girl’s character is very weak, afraid of being hurt.Read the story of the rich hurt a woman, listened to a lot of successful men to bully a woman’s event, the Cancer woman will be very worried that she met a good man is hurt, so, in fact, the Cancer woman of good men is biased , Cock silk men long to show their loyalty, the easier Cancer woman tempted, Cancer itself is a very practical woman, she is not required to enjoy the splendor of life along with men, do not expect your husband can become, but for loyalty.Cancer woman so easier to believe about the loyalty oath, in fact, whether male Cock wire really do loyalty, which is really hard to say.You might also like: feelings in the most childish constellation constellation of 12 men and women deal with cheating men approach when the slag crush very bold, very true confession counseling constellation most complete twelve constellations pairing combinations

Linger outside marriage constellation male

People are pursuing exciting, would not say’ve been trying to get, loved treasures.And at hand but easily overlooked, no freshness.Even married can not bind them commotion sinking heart, who married the twelve constellations that still linger on in the world outside of it?  NO5: Pisces man can love the home, it can also be very fun.Their “home” when it was home very house, when it is also very wild wild very wild, and they ran out generally have high-sounding excuse.  What overtime ah, N-year old friend suddenly find his missing friends, or so and so who introduced him extra money or what friends do business.And he can control his expression, spoken words of love mantra meaning to cut, played nothing like what.  NO4: Aquarius Aquarius man, especially the moon Aquarius, a friend called to go out, they may also premarital Lovers spend a lot of time with his girlfriend, but when love begins slowly after marriage after the conversion of the family they will gradually change back to their original appearance.  If the friends around them is relatively quiet, okay, but if they have more playful side if fair-weather friends more trouble.  NO3: Aries Aries man is accustomed to go its own way, they are used to strikes and fair-weather friends eat, drink, they married wives backyard for cooking, work hard so that they cause no worries, not to find them worrying about, so even end up marriage, they still ran out of the running.  NO2: Gemini on human nature is like colorful fresh love life, even if some of them seem very quiet, but not really, deep down they do not like being in a rut, do not think you will be able to virtuous Shukutoku they tied too firmly, the more ready they are tied more closely.  NO1: Libra Libra men most entertaining lot, and heavy friendship, especially after the marriage, they think life should return to the part of the substantive level, he had the usual how life is how life, especially his habit ago and three friends four out of excitement, then, after marriage they will, as always, ran outside.  You might also like: What is the meaning moon sign?  Let affair her husband tortured Zodiac constellation wife distressed that their time twelve constellations and why you fell out of

12 constellations inappropriate not say pull the black, to what you as a

Sometimes people like to judge things too accurate, then either, or non-typical type of right and wrong.  Sometimes not the same, to determine a lot of things, and there is no clear attitude, even non-not so clear.  Inventory twelve constellations of people, and added that inappropriate contacts you, you will not pull the black, to see how they think.The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.Aries does not like you treat you as what Taurus does not like you treat you as what Gemini do not like you treat you as what Cancer does not like you treat you as what Leo does not like you treat you as what Virgo does not like you treat you as what Libra when you do not like what your Scorpio does not like what you get when you put Sagittarius do not like what you get when you put Capricorn does not like what you get when you put Aquarius does not like what you get when you put a Pisces does not like what you get when you put


Part one: self-improvement Andrea Boselli, Yang Guang, Liu race, three names have any contact?While three of them are not all from the same country, age not the same, but they are there is one thing in common – the blind.  These three people, although the blind Italian singer Andrea Boselli oldest, but my first exposure to the media or from Yang Guang from Harbin.Yang is only eight months old, the eyes of the blind, can Yang Guang is very competitive and fame in the entertainment industry is already a.Yang Guang versatile, almost the voice of a ventriloquist and family on the whole package, learn who like who, also sang many beautiful songs.People see the power of self-improvement from Yang Guang’s body, if not with the talent, rather, if there is no hard work and effort of Yang Guang, a totally blind to what young talented?Hunan Tujia girl Liu race, when the age of four blind, but, even with her own efforts to become the champion of the 2011 Walk of Fame.Liu race to overcome the general inferiority blind and autistic disadvantages, teens also learned to ride a bike, which in the ordinary view is impossible.So that the host of CCTV Avenue of Stars, said: “If the young age of twenty, he was willing to marry Liu Race.”It looks like a joke in fact, full of great words of encouragement for Liu race.  A few years ago heard the name of Andre Boselli, recently, the blind singer Song Zuying and Italy’s Andrea Boselli choral concert was held in the concert hall CCTV, let me themselves: one after another old and blind foreigner, and what can be a lot of Chinese people worship Song Zuying stand together?Indomitable spirit of self-improvement but for Andre Boselli, not to mention Zuying, it might have an owl and a willingness to turn a blind old but foreign men stand together.I think if Andre Boselli just have a good voice, no indomitable spirit up, the same can not accomplish something brilliant career, but can not be spanning classical, pop two circles of the most popular male singer one.  Nearly thirty years ago, Zhang Haidi and heard the story of Helen Keller, in recent years, the story of the three blind and stirring my heart again, I often think, “How the Steel Was excel” in the words: people life should be spent this way, when the recollection of events, he will not because of wasted years and regret, not because of mediocrity and shame.  Any person with a conscience, at any age, any age, should be self-improvement, so worthy of only one life.    Part II: self-improvement, social commitment in 2008 for the Chinese nation is an extraordinary year, China has an old saying, “over five hurdles” encountered snow in January, March seek “Tibetan separatist” in May there are earthquakes, the Olympic Games open in August, September experienced a series of accidents in production test.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) As many have said, in 2008 to China is indeed a troubled.But troubled worth mentioning, worth mentioning the heavy disaster, but the Chinese people in the face of these catastrophic events and challenges with a new attitude to stand up.We started fighting spirit unite with their own voice and strength demonstrates our strong confidence to the world, unity and hard work, and surmounts the difficulties, indomitable.And this spirit is our “self-reliance, social commitment,” the national spirit of the most concentrated expression.  This spirit of the Chinese nation is an inherent tension within, in the face of disaster, this force showed strong communion force.At that moment the earthquake occurred in Wenchuan crying, in tears the whole country.After the earthquake, the government attaches great importance to the first time to activate contingency plans, comprehensive arrangements for the deployment earthquake relief.People who always pay attention to, to import a steady stream of donations to the disaster area from batch after batch of volunteers to Sichuan.Zhao was all in the spirit of the Chinese nation strong communion force.This power not only for the relief and support on the material level, but more importantly is an inherent appeal.This force moment in the comfort disaster victims: “We are with you.”.So that every disaster suffering masses feel they are not alone, because we are flesh and blood family.Our hearts together, heart to heart, hand to hand interlocking, line side by side.We had confident and strong, strong disaster makes us more confident; we had soulmate, disaster our hearts closer to each other; we had kinship people, disaster makes us more close together, we unite as one, will be able to degree you had it off.  Another aspect of “self-reliance, social commitment,” the national spirit is the “Virtuous” as reflected in the external financial force.This external melt strength is the most direct and typical Chinese People’s Olympics open arms to embrace the world of passion and vitality.Integration of national spirit and the spirit of the times, with a very powerful force for social cohesion and integration, as well as a strong international influence.  From the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, “All men are brothers” and “The Analects of Confucius” to recite Liu Huan and Sarah Brightman’s “You and Me” concert; from 1.5 million Olympic volunteers, patient and meticulous explanations and services to always exudes charming smile Olympic Miss etiquette; spread from the streets of “Beijing welcomes you” to the Paralympic closing ceremony of the British delegation played “Thank you Beijing,” the banners, China with their own practical action perfectly fulfilled their commitments.  From the accumulation of years of culture, the century-old dream of looking forward to prepare for seven years of history, the last performance of a perfect hold.China and the Olympic combined history, China is the world continued, the witness into the world, China is also broad, broad national spirit world debut start.  Of course, “self-reliance, social commitment” does not mean a lack of rigidity and strength of the Chinese national spirit.Five thousand years, “Sean” and “re-education” of Confucianism has been deeply rooted in every Chinese person’s heart, we welcome foreign things and will accept the foreign culture criticism, but we will never allow foreign forces of aggression and disguised aggression.”Millet plus rifles,” the era of the war has ended, the new era of our patriotism has been given a new meaning of the times.We stand for peaceful coexistence, but we will never give up the use of force against foreign aggression; we advocate peaceful rise, but we will never allow foreign powers free to trample on our human rights, our detractors and political freedom.  When the torch relay is blocked in a foreign country, hundreds of millions of Chinese people shouted in unison, to protect the torch, and to defend the dignity of the Chinese nation’s spirit.From “Carrefour incident” to ten million Chinese and overseas Chinese in a foreign country self-organized escort the torch, I love China.Every Chinese citizen with their own practical action to practice with his love and deep love for the motherland.  Ethos makes us more solidarity, we do so with the national spirit of communion and sharing with the world, but also make us more self-reliance, and always maintain combat effectiveness and vitality.

That year, that thing, that people (c)

Two lions Tongshen Jincan, vivid, with the cheerful sound of gongs and drums, while they vacated, while the spot roll, vivid performances, for the site to add more festive atmosphere.I was looking around everywhere, Fairchild mind a series of questions, lion it?Why he did not participate in the performance of it?Our village lion dance, every time two lions plus a Fairchild.But Fairchild did not appear today, I am a bit disappointed.Fairchild performers called China, is the same bit of my elementary school.Chinese restless nature combative, the students will encounter “Pushing Hands”, which is home to a popular game, the two men stood motionless, hand in hand, down the other side of the winner.Because of his stocky great strength, as the class match for him.But he was particularly generous attempts, as long as classmates being bullied, he always led the way to discuss that, therefore, his popularity is not bad.I was learning in class is very good, each exam are the first.I am very envious of China, it is particularly listen to me.He usually do not pay attention to health, although very white skin, but do not like to wash, his face is always gray not pull a few, sometimes runny nose, especially in the winter, yellow V there, like a soybean insect.I suspected he was poor hygiene, they ignore him, the next day he must be clean to go to school.Over time, the students are booing, the couple say that we are.He’s not proud to say this, but I was not happy, angry cry even once in the classroom.After China met secretly taught them, and never call us so students.When the fifth grade, new math textbooks have not sent down, the teacher let us borrow old textbooks.I borrowed a neighbor with Tanya, but missing it in just three days.I am anxious not, said the two men reading a Chinese on the line.One day Tanya came to me eyes to see what that book, she turned quickly to take over, and then asked the Chinese, “Where did you get this book of?”He did not say a stubborn.Tanya on a page pointed out to him, “This is my flower paintings, which word I wrote.”I fear that things become big, smooth things over, said,” You have to give me that book cover ah, China this can not.”Tanya is more to gas, it hauled him,” You gave me tear up a book cover, go, go find a teacher.”(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) textbooks storm makes us the same position four years apart, the teacher transferred to China on the final seat.The day after China has been avoiding me after graduation he did not continue reading.I once met a Chinese when the fair.He also lost a high, dressed in jeans, taking advantage of the fair skin, clean and exquisite, handsome.He’s stopping me, his face crooked smile, “how to go to the market themselves?Beware of little things you secretly light.”Then his hands raised, as the tiger-like, as if to scare me leap out.I immediately board a face, retorted, “You have the nerve to say thief.”Then I regret it, Yu Kuang-chung I could feel his body stiff.He suddenly rushed in front of me, his face red eyes take light, “I am a thief?Cut to tell you, that I have broken my books do not.”” Why did you steal?”More than a year, I finally found a chance to ask him.”I.”He tilted his head, face turned red, and stammered,” you did not book we were reading a bar Well no no.”Oh, I understand what.On that occasion, he broke my eraser, I get angry, pen in the middle of the table drew a bar, he was not allowed to cross-border.For this he had.”Then the teacher asked how can you not say.”I’m still angry, he sighed,” I said more students do not say we do is couple?”When we are busy right to several teenagers, young man, they bite the mouth blowing, plays coax,” Come fall in love myself.”One of them also join in front of me,” I long to see how well this little girl?”I speak, what the Chinese jump up, like a leopard prey, it put the man wrestled to the ground.Several other a look also move their hands, they immediately hit into the group.I was terrified, weeping, shouting people.Strong grandfather was passing them opened.China has a broken nose, his face black and blue, strong grandfather training him, but he tilted his head silent, stubborn like a piece of iron.Later, strong grandfather summoned to the village of Chinese lion dance demonstration team practice, and telling everyone, the Chinese child, the sense of Meng Jin best suited lion.I want to move, many students came to see him.Bid farewell to them, I saw a man standing in the corner walls.Thought a move, it will not be China?Came to see, really is.His head bowed, hands carrying.I laughed, “how not to go with them to the house?”” You are reading people, I was the.Hey, do not say, this will give you.”He had a book into my hand, and then quickly ran away.I saved the diary for a long time, because it is sent to the Chinese, but also because I like to be printed on the cover of the poem.When the third year, the school in order to ease the pressure on us, we went to see the organization in the Lantern Festival lanterns.A very lively stage performances, lion dance is a closer look.I suddenly recognized the Chinese, he played Fairchild funny lion, holding a red hydrangea, sometimes a backflip, or to a carp play very, tantalize lion show.Majestic, valiant and heroic way to go God let me see some.This is the book I pulled the nose of the Chinese stole it?Or that crooked grin on his face and neck of the Chinese people to fight it?He finished performing, I quickly pushed on stage, he played well boast.He recognized me, embarrassed, scratching his head.Strong Grandpa said, China is now very hard, training every year, no matter what matter home, he threw live hand to attend, and now he is strong and the village’s successor.The show was over, and the villagers eleven farewell, I finally could not help ask the Chinese.Lift him, the villagers have said off.China had a big breath now, his own company and became a manager, but also buy truck transportation over long distances.”He say daring, vigorous and resolute, this year’s demonstration team that he financed the organization, he said that these traditional home we can not lose.”Next to a fellow said to me,.Very pleased, through his childhood and youth unruly fans Miao, China with hard work and sweat to live out their own wonderful.”Then open the title page that yellow / fate it was very poor binding / tears I read the first reading / have to admit / youth is a very hasty book.”When I gently read all the way home, this is the poem on the original diary, entitled the” youth “.