[Potato Blemish Method]_Potato_How to Blemish_How to Blemish

[Potato Blemish Method]_Potato_How to Blemish_How to Blemish

Potatoes are rich in vitamins and have excellent anti-oxidant effects, so they have the powerful effect of light spots.

There are many ways to lighten potatoes in life. Some raw potato masks, milk potato freckle masks, pearl potato flakes masks, etc. You can choose different methods according to your actual situation.

First, potato freckle small coups1, potato freckle small coups1, raw potato mask method: 1) Wash the potatoes, peel them, cut into thin skins, and apply directly to a piece 2) Cancel the potato chips after 15-20 minutes,This is the simplest and most natural potato mask method. Long-term use of raw potato mask can effectively whiten and rejuvenate skin. After long-term use, you will find that the melanin of the shell will slowly fade away, in exchange for a fair and delicate skin.

Potato freckle tips 2, milk potato freckle mask method: 1) Wash the fresh potatoes, peel and cut into pieces; 2) put the juice in the juicer; 3) pour the fresh potatoes into the cupMilk and stir into the flour to make a paste; 4) After cleansing, apply to the flakes and wash with water after 20 minutes.

Potatoes are rich in vitamins, which can promote skin cell growth, maintain skin gloss, and bleach subcutaneous melanin, which can not only whiten and rejuvenate skin, but also reduce summer sunburn.

Potato freckle tips 3, pearl potato mask freckle ① Wash and peel the potatoes; ② Then steam the potatoes and mash them into mashed potatoes; ③ Pour the pearl powder into the mashed potatoes and stir;Face, wash the potato mask with warm water after 15 minutes.

Effect: This potato mask can lighten spots and whiten, but also brighten skin tone. If you stick to it for a long time, you will have freckle effect.

Second, other freckle methods recommended freckle method 1, white sandalwood method: millet pulp method, you need to cook millet, and then soak in ice water for a week, until foaming white foam, filter out the foam.

Then crush the sandalwood into a juice, add it to the millet pulp and mix well. After sleeping every night, wash the face with warm pulp water, apply white sandalwood juice to the freckles, and get up the next day to wash it off.

Method for freckle removal method 2: Aloe vera method: Wash a piece of fresh aloe vera, mash it into juice after peeling it, and then filter out the residue. Take the juice and add an appropriate amount of flour and honey. Stir well before using., Wait ten minutes and wash with warm water.

Method for freckle removal 3, peach blossom method: prepare dried peach blossoms and winter melon seeds, grind five dried peach blossoms together with winter sunflower seeds to form a fine powder, then pour the two powders into a mask bowl, mix with honey and mix evenly, clean the face every nightThen, put this thing on the surface, get up the next morning and wash it with warm water.