Analyze it so carefully,200Wan is indeed not expensive。

After all, in the long run,The company can make three to five million or more from this song。
But there is one most important prerequisite,That is the quality of this song,Really good,Otherwise, you will lose out。
But Ning Wu is also very strange,“Teacher Lu,Are you indifferent to fame and fortune??prior to《Straw Hat Song》This song,If it charges,Within three to five years,200Wan is really possible to get!But you just gave up!”
“This song is different……”Shen Huan sighed,“You don’t know when it appears,Don’t know what it means,Can’t use it to collect money!”
Paused,He said again,“But if it’s a song sold,Then it’s also different。I don’t want to sell my hard-written songs,If they think it’s not worth,It’s not worth it!”
What a joke!
The few classic songs in hand,Are the guarantee for Shen Huan’s future life or fame,How could he sell it casually?
It’s not that he asks for others,Why sell songs at low prices?Just because of his big face, Xiao Yan?
Isn’t this an insult to those big songwriters on earth??!
I have to win honor for them!
The more expensive the song is,Doesn’t it mean that they are brilliant??
Ning Wu understands now,He also understands another meaning of Shen Huan。
That is if he wants to get Shen Huan’s song,Can’t say those imaginary,Get a price worthy of the price,Just have to talk。
“in case……”
He pondered,Asked:“If i give you200Ten thousand,What kind of song can i get?”
Shen Huan was slightly startled:“You want to buy a song?200Just in case?”