Those girls who paid,Line up one by one,Received the gift from Fang Hao,Then take a selfie。

Some girls are reserved,Being able to stand with Fang Hao is already very satisfying,I took a photo of two people with a selfie stick,Let Tang Xiaodie, the president of their support club, help take a picture of the two people,And then left happily。
But there are some girls who are not reserved at all,After getting on stage, he yelled and threw himself into Fang Hao’s arms,Some even tremble with excitement,Flushing,Hanging on Fang Hao’s body and refused to get down,Don’t know what happened。
For this situation,Tang Xiaodie is itchy with hatred,But for Fang Hao’s future business future,I can only endure with gritted teeth。
The girl who did that,If you look pretty,Of course Fang Hao doesn’t matter,For life。
But if it looks ugly,Not for life,Must pull her away。
In this situation,200A temporary bodyguard hired in for a buck would have played a role,Just look at Fang Hao and let them make a look,Decisively pull away the girl holding him。
of course,For life,Fang Hao still accepts such abuse with a smile。
Thus,Even if the girl is unhappy,I can only pin my hatred on the bodyguard who is incomprehensible next to him,I don’t think Fang Hao is too cold。
This is what they said from the beginning。
Some girls are burly,You need to use three or four bodyguards to drag her down。
When dragging down forcibly,That slaughter-like cry is deafening。
but,Some girls at the scene don’t seem to see it,When it’s their turn to play,Will still be that crazy,Was pulled off the stage in a very indecent state。
——Maybe it’s because some girls who came to the party are pretty,Let Fang Hao feel sacrificed his hue for life,Actually a pleasant thing,So I didn’t suffer that indecent way,Let the girls in the audience have an illusion,I think Fang Hao will not reject this behavior,The damn thing is just the bodyguards。
Not to mention,In their hearts,To hug with idols,Even sentenced,Years in prison,It’s worth it,Besides, just being pulled off the stage。
It’s not too cost-effective。
300Multiple people,One hour to complete such a meeting,In other words, five or six people are processed in one minute,The average person’s time is only10Seconds。