It also uses the various dynamics of flowing water,To express people’s feelings。

The words played,It sounds like a lot of life,That is already in the room。
Two Guzheng,Never appeared in this life,So Shen Huan boldly took it out for Thousand Rain。
He has also heard a lot of Guzheng songs in this world before,Even the most famous ones,It’s not as good as another world’s classic collection。
Shui Qianyu just take out these songs,Not to mention Chinese,Even foreigners have to be intoxicated,Don’t extricate yourself!
《Jasmine》Beyond the score,Shen Huan even matched the lyrics。
Its lyrics and tunes work together,Quite a bit of complementarity,It can be said to be complementary,Wonderful。
Shui Qianyu is humming music scores,Humming the lyrics,Look very happy。
Seeing how Xiao Shui Shui likes it,The young man felt very happy。
Life alive,Isn’t it about making the people you like happy??
In the future, widows should care more about Xiaoshuishui,Make her happier!
Last month’s monthly pass increased,Although not much,But still add more,thank you all^_^