Medivh says。

“Why do you do this?”
Adal’s voice is still peaceful,But different from the previous incarnation,The sparks of the holy light from the huge body show that it is not calm。
“The one who doesn’t want you to go to Azeroth。”
Medivh finished this sentence,The scene suddenly became cold。
Seeing that Adal has no direct signs of lifting the table,Medivh pointed his finger behind Adal。
Adal does not have organs like head or eyes,Follow the direction of Medivh’s fingers,Naaru’s perception spread out,What Medivh wanted it to see was found outside the planet’s atmosphere。
A fleet。
“I have put the coordinates of Draenor in,right now,This fleet belongs to you,Adal。”
Medivh is not afraid of Adal,But the relationship with Adal froze and nothing won’t bring me any benefit.,So he chooses to calm down。
“Didn’t you think that your indiscretion would kill Carlos??”
Adal asked。
“This is his own choice。What you can give him is no better than what I give him。”
Medivh answered。
then,Adal left。
Completely relieved,Medivh teleported himself to the core of the Titan Palace————In front of the Genesis Engine。
over there,A mini Naru who is not much bigger than the previous incarnation of Adal is working。