When the steamed fish is steamed,There was a man’s voice outside the kitchen:“Is anyone here?”

Hong Yantou never returned,Shout loudly:“Someone,Here,Come and work!”
Based on his status in the entertainment industry,He can be so carefree。
If Fang Hao is like this,That’s not forcing the number。
Qu Wan’er is washing vegetables in the kitchen,Hear that voice,Tao:“The sound is familiar,Maybe someone i know。”
Chi Jiao and Hong Yan both asked。
Who is the unrecognizable guest,That would be a very embarrassing thing——Fang Hao and Luo Xiaohu are not in this list。
“It’s Wu Xuan!”Qu Wan’er remembered,“It’s from the convertible boy group that debuted last yearCBit,Very handsome,Last year I cooperated with him at a TV station’s New Year’s Eve party。”
Both Chi Jiao and Hong Yan said they knew。
They are people in this circle,Even if you are not familiar with those rookies,At least know their existence,Soon I can search for their corresponding information in my mind。
Fang Hao and Luo Xiaohu continue to be confused:
——Who is this?
——never heard of that!
Both think,After this recording,Must make up various entertainment gossip news,At least you have to know who the current stars are,What are some representative works,Otherwise it would be too embarrassing。
“Is Wu Xuan you??”
Qu Wan’er called,While walking out of the kitchen。
——Just can put down the work。