This Shen Huan,I seem to have heard……

He immediately turned back to the meager of Hua Guo Agricultural University,I carefully looked at this meager。
Title unchanged。
The content is very numb。
“Warmly welcome the great mathematician Shen Huan,Choose our Huaguo Agricultural University,Years to come,I believe that Shen Huan will achieve better results!Continue to win glory for the school,Win glory for the country!”
Then the following are the nine accompanying pictures。
first slide、The second and third are both a foreign language magazine,Then the other half is the magazine turned to the middle page。
The fourth picture is a teenager with five companions,Standing together holding a trophy and laughing。
Only from the boy standing in the middle,Qian Ruifeng finally understood,The reason why I feel familiar。
This is not the genius who is known as the most cowhide in China,Won the individual and team World Olympiad Championship、Already moving towards solving world-class problems“Fermat’s Last Theorem”Shen Huan, the last step into the army??
My son said before,Shen Huan is not just his idol,Still the idol of many classmates。
They dream of the same school as Shen Huan,Same department。
But Shen Huan would definitely choose Qinghua、One of the Mathematics Department of Beijing University and Futan。