Mo Xiaosheng smiled,While sprinkling Ye Bing’s wound with hemostatic and muscle growth powder,Smiled at Tan Kai,“When our ancestors were short of doctors and medicines,Not less use of this method!”

“Captain Ye will be fine now?!”
Tan Kai asked excitedly。
“never mind!Let the nurse come and help her wrap the wound!”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded。
Then Tan Kai couldn’t wait to rush out。
Because Ye Bing’s wound is on his thigh,Need to undress,So in order to avoid suspicion, Mo Xiaosheng,Out of the ward。
Once out,He saw that the man in the cloak had already come out,Was sitting in the hallway talking to Yuan He,At the same time, he held the earthen jar tightly in his hand,Mo Xiaosheng glanced at the clay jar in his hand subconsciously。
“Whoops,Mo Xiaosheng is out,how,Has Colonel Ye been cured??”
Yuan He is not too slow to see Mo Xiaosheng come out,Quite unexpected。
“Of course,Mr. Mo is the genius doctor in Beijing,Since some quack doctors can manage,Not to mention Mr. Mo!”
Tan Kai didn’t wait for Mo Xiaosheng to speak,Take the lead in a chest,Said proudly,He is proud of Mo Xiaosheng from the heart。
Yuan He frowned slightly,Obviously something unexpected。
Zhao Zhong’s eyes lit up when he heard this,The hanging heart is instantly let go,Excited,Great,Great,Mr. Mo gave them another face in the hospital!
“Doctor Mo,It’s too early to make a conclusion.!”
The man in the cloak is calm,Smiled,“After all this is trauma,You need to recover to see if there is any cure,Maybe wait a while,What else will happen!”