Up 30%?

impossible,It is absolutely impossible,How could it have risen by 30%。”
Liu Yu is still proud,Hear this,Deny immediately。
“How impossible?
I tell you,The hostile Hailong Company’s stock fell today,And it still fell to the lowest point。
As a rival,Will definitely rise。”
Although I don’t understand why Liu Yu said this,But Secretary Liang still tells the truth。
Just say this,Liu Yu was stunned。
Hailong’s stock fell?
Isn’t it the day when their company’s game goes live??
There is still a drop in this online?
Absolutely impossible。
Think of this one,Look at Secretary Liang with a face of disbelief:“Secretary Liang,For the sake of our colleagues,Why are you lying to me?
You hurried out before,Also said something big。