“Soul skills are based on soul power,Spirit ring,Factors such as personal control!”

“Like your Luo Sanpao,The first spirit ring’s spirit power requirement is 100,Personal control can only float slightly on this basis!”
“Like you have poor control,Probably only play90The power of points。”
“if it was me,At least able to play150The power of dots!”
Tang Chen explained seriously,Killing is only the lowest means,Zhu Xin is the most terrible。
Defeat him with the area where the master is good,To shock people。
“Soul ability power limit,how is this possible?”
Yu Xiaogang thoughtful,But I don’t understand the key。
I don’t understand the impact of grade?
“Of course not fixed,just now100Just a metaphor。”
“This value can be regarded as the highest damage given by the spirit ring to the spirit ability。”
Even if your spirit power exceeds 100,Can only use so much。”
“Because the spirit ring is absorbed by the main spirit,An increase in level will increase this value!”
“So the strong can crush the weak.”
Tang Chen doesn’t like boring practice,But I like crazy thinking。
These are the results of leisure thinking,He can’t really sleep every day。
“I understand,Thanks for your advice.”