The waiter is polite,Repeat,“Let’http://www.yaliliangjing.cns take a guest,Dressed up,Said to see you。”

Toned,She also,“That trivial woman also said,She is from the Sao Bao Caotang Cross College。”
Ji Baobao bottle,A sound line from the ancient sea。
Her eyes flashed together,Show a smile,“Please take her up.。”
The waiter is again,Turn around。
Ji Bao bottle close the door,And then turn around,“Sister,You also know the people of the Holy See?”
“Don’t know。”
Ancient sea re-outstanding bedroom,Faint,“If I guess the good words,Should be a Dark Parliament。”
Ji Bao bottle is shocked,“Dark Parliament?”
She just wants to talk,Ancient sea,“The Dark Parliament is split from the Holy See.,The Cross Academy of the Sao Bao Caody,It is the birth of the Dark Parliament,I know when I am in the Changsheng Gate.,The throne of the previous Dark Parliament,Is burial in the Cross Academy,Don’t you know??”
Ji Bao bottle smile,“Remember,But I didn’t think so much for a moment.。”
Toned,Face,“It seems that we are exposed。”
The ancient sea nodded,“The other party should have no malicious,I remember the throne of the Dark Parliament.,Is a girl named Monica,Rewarding her relationship with the summer。”
“The sister is meaningful,The following training is sent by her.?If this is the case,Her news is plenty of plenty。”
“Don’t underestimate the dark parliament。”
Ancient sea,“Dark Parliament is split from the Holy See,But it is not an opposite of the Holy See.,on the contrary,It is not a rebellion when the splitter of the Dark Parliament is not a rebellion.,It is itself the hometown of the hometown,if not,The throne of the Dark Parliament,Why is it in the Cross College after death??”
Toned,Also,“If you really say,The Holy See is the biggest force in the world.,There are believers in the world,More than one billion,Although most are ordinary people who follow the law,But you can think about it carefully.,Even after the screening,Core infantry condensed,Also is a huge number,Moreover,Did those ordinary people use it??Now now,We turn to this place,I was found。”
For this point,Ji Bao bottle does not deny。
The Holy See is also one of the three major ultrastain power of the Western world.。
But relatively flat,Never hegemony,Very little and dispute。
Ji Bao bottle suddenly remembered a thing,Ask,“When the sword, the Sixth is to kill a kill Mike,I remember that Mike is the new uncle Monica.?”
Ancient sea,“Mike is also a core member of the Great League。”
Heard this sentence,Ji Bao bottle is really wrong。
Ancient sea has a secret,“and,Mike is not Monica’s husband,on the contrary,Monica’s biological parents,It is Mike killed……You can’t say killing,But missing,If I guess the good words,They became a pronunciation of the gods of the gods as early as decades.。”
Welcome to Ji Bao Bottling Bottom,She laughed。
“Since we confirm the identity of Mike,I have been secretly investigating him.,Everything he has experienced,All done……This world,No wallless wall,Human,Geese,Originally wants to use Mike fishing out of the gods,Just didn’t think,Instead, what did he notice?,So I have to use the opportunity,Kill him。”
“She doesn’t know her own life.,But we all keep relevant evidence,As a casual chess,I didn’t expect that she actually became a new throne.。”
The ancient sea stopped the sound again。
Ji Bao bottle is also silent。
A few seconds,Knocking on the door。
Ji Baobao bottle to the past,Open the door。
In addition to the waiter,There is also a woman who has worked hard.。
The temper looks looks ordinary people usually,But at its shoulder,Cross a large black handbag。
Ji Bao Bottice Take the eyes of the eyes,Then I watched the waiter.。
Mid to enter the room,Ji Bao bottle,Then I will fall on the ancient sea.,She is straightforward,“Two respected guests,I will leave you in the command of the throne.,She said that you have exposed,Stay here is not safe。”