When passing through the street of the empire,People are almost all of their points to Naji Cit.,Because their people are too tits。

At this time,Little girl with a hand take a lollipop,Probably because of the relationship with his mother,I accidentally hit it on the front of Cheldeas.,And therefore falling。
Although the little girl is realized, he hits people.,But a butt is directly letting it cry.。
The little girl is sitting on the ground and crying for a long time.,The mother of the little girl ran up,And keep a whisper apologize。
Finally, I don’t want to blame these big characters.,I was afraid to hold my daughter left.。
From beginning to end,Cherville is all in front of it.。
Najentan seems to be aware of what,Just want to speak,But it was directly covered by the black pupil.。
When some people come to the streets of people to smoke,The black troops did not come from Will,A knife is a punch“Night”。
I have been following the side of Cheros“Women’s big”Tiz Mi timely reaction,The same punch,Will double punch with opposite。
And Na Jie Tan struggled to the next black,Let him cut the knife to Cherres,Bring a few hair in Chelbin。
Black and Will suddenly violently,Cherisho n’t know that she has exposed。
But she can’t figure it out.,Which one http://www.xingchichuanmei.cn is wrong?。
In this way, in order to avoid yourself.,She almost all said less,She also believes“Gaia Fine”The camouflage is perfect,Shouldn’t reveal the flaw?。
“Sure enough, you,I think there is only that you will hit this group of people will save people.。”
With Tiz Mi“Gain”,Willma recognized each other,I also use my own“Aristocratic chariot”。
And after the black pupil is sent to the air,Also directly in the battle。
Chelsey face confused,She is almost no combat capability,She always wants to do their own perfect camouflage,That one is wrong.。
“Night, the guy is Loli,A small loli cried in front of him.,Do you think he will be familiar??”
Na Jiesi Tan answered Cherva’s question,Just she wants to remind Chermass,But always be subject to black pupil。
And the black and Wille,Also because this reason,Find http://www.sxhyxlh.cn the night in front of it is a fake。
But because of the center of the city,There are too many innocent people,So they have been waiting until now。
For night loli control character,Na Jiesi, a friend who has been friends with night.,Will who accepts night training also knows。
But Chelzi’s understanding of the night,Still too little,And no one will think,This will also encounter this over halfway。
Action has failed,Although Na Jiesi Tit is brought out,But they have not been completely detached from danger.。
Chelsey is busy, also pulls the signal bomb,Notify Leo Nai with black poles。
Tiz Mi is wearing this time“Gain”Wear“Aristocratic chariot”Will is not divided into Xuan。
Naji Tint with a chain,Then attack the attack on the black and dys,Because Chelsea has no combat capacity。
Titzimi they want to http://www.afgrd.cn withdraw early.,And Will, they plan to die, Titzimi them.。
It is in the emperor,They don’t need to be eager to share the winning and negative with Titzmi,Once Esdes come to,Night attack is almost killed。
This time you can follow,Because Na Jiesi Titan,Esdes has long expected“Night attack”May come to save people。