“It’s really useless.……”

The Niu Deyu is a night,Set banner,A total of two times,No matter the golden-winged big demon,Easily block the power of the banana fan。
Tooled,Obviously, when the princess of the iron fan, I am so bad that I have no friends.。
“Cow,Powerful,Will not?”
Liao Wenjie raises his hand on his face,Expat the original face of small white face,After receiving your own banana fan,Lift your hands,The banana hand in the hand of the Niu Deya is in his hand.。
The banana fan does not fly,Niu Deyan is shocked,The golden-winged Dapeng next to it is also a glimpse.,I don’t pay attention to it, I can’t pay attention to it.。
“Three brothers run,this,God!”
on the ground,Break free, yellow teeth, hidden, hook, shout shouting,Let the king and gold winged Dapeng are afraid to increase three points。
“Hey-hey,late,Today, I have to put you in five fingers.……Ass!”
Chapter 616 Revenge and snow is today
Blood gas dissipation,Demon clouds。
With Liao Wenjie throws away the neck’s pointed pendant,Things of mind,The last thing demon also disintegrates the ice。
Not a demon?
who is it?
Niu Deyan,Suddenly changed to his head,Compared to below,Jin-winged Dapeng obviously machine,Waving in the middle of the sky,Yang Tianzhu,Altering the body。
Jin Guang instant,Wings for 90,000 miles。
Your loyalty?
Niu De Wang is not looking forward to the gold winged Dapeng,Qi here,Refers to the golden-winged Dapeng to the green lion and yellow teeth。Just behind the brothers,It is threatening for saving two people again.,The result encountered a superficial,If you don’t say it, you will run.。
“Running fast,It’s like you can run away.。”
Liao Wenjie waves to the sky,Don’t rush to turn down,Next second,Vision sky folding,A golden light hits the amazing speed of transient。
Niu Deyu didn’t understand,I only feel that a blind and impressive http://www.hntpsjwy.cn fluctuations,Jin-winged Dapeng folds back,As if Liao Wenjie strokes,This is not a righteous bird gives up the resistance.。
Look at the gold-winged big Pepe,Speed Unit is easy to crack,Anger anger to touch the painting to Liao Wenjie,He can’t help but shake his head.。
Stupid,At this time, I thought about it.,The situation is obvious,Wholly!
Victory or defeat is standard issue、The gentleman is under the dangerous wall、Know it does not,Sage……
Not shameless,Really not shame。
Niu Deyu,His proud of the big brother,Previously called,Later, it was born by the brothers.,So is not good at surrendering。
But for a long time,He didn’t vote,But I have seen many people vote,I have long been familiar with this craft.,Clear how to play。
Fang Tian’s painting up and down,Jin-winged Dapeng offensive http://www.happy99999.cn crazy,He is full of faster than the speed,Far away,Just like a generality,The group attacked the Liao Wenjie, and it was unreasonable.。
Just look at,Output is zero,
Fang Tian paint sharp sharpness,Refine with his own 翎,Trusted,That is the bird,Therefore, playing。
It is said that it was also opened by the Buddha.,Cooperable weapon level。
But this is such a soldier,I can’t break defense.,Don’t say hurt the corner of Liao Wenjie,It is difficult to clock the sky within three feet.。
What intangible barrier is as if there is an intangible barrier in the air?,All-round,Jin-winged Dapeng exhaustion,Didn’t access Liao Wenjie。
do not fight,Boring!
Jin-winged Dapeng collapsed,Run your hand in your own chest,After tactical:“I,Yuncheng Wanli Peng,Phoenix、Peacock Daming King Bodhisattva、Buddha,Who is you god??”
Before watching the golden winged Dapeng Self-reported,He also feels good fortune,Buddha,Good look,He also wants to be a big exterior of an abbot,Look at it now……