“This guy is addicted。”The little golden man muttered to himself,In an instant, he entered a state of magic,Let the sea of vitality hit the shore。

Inside the magic tower,Still the third layer,Li Tianzhi just appeared,The clone of the three unicorn beasts flew out of the barrier,Blocked in the corridor。
“You spoiler,There is more?”The yin and yang face in the three poems speaks,Although it’s still so aggressive,But the tone has lost its previous contempt,In the past two days, Li Tianzhen rushed up from time to time,Don’t know how many fights,Unexpectedly, the attacker gets harder and harder,The advantages of unicorn beasts are also rapidly diminishing,The soul attack method of the little black unicorn has no effect on Li Tianzhi,The forced unicorn beast had to release its clone。
“You are convinced,I’ll just stop on the fourth floor。”Li Tianzhu slowly stretched out his right hand,Vignette blinking,There was a dark golden short knife out of thin air in his hand,Full body streamer,One foot long,But the back is huge,Wide blade,Bina*Be generous,This is his practice and comprehension‘Nine Demon Swing’The first three styles of the weapon are transformed into vitality,There is no difference between the short knife in the state of consciousness and the state of the body。
“Arrogant,Let’s talk after playing!”Kylin Beast Roar,The three heads have their mouths wide open,Fire with one mouth,One mouth sprays milky white mist,The other mouth is the scariest,Nothing squirted,But the invisible sound wave is the most lethal,Many fierce beasts watching the excitement behind the barrier are unbearable,Back off。
These ancient and fierce beasts have basically fought Li Tianzhen several times,If the body is relative,Li Tianzhi is still a little worse,But the clone is far from its opponent,Only three unicorn beasts are powerful,A few fights,Li Tianzhu fled in embarrassment,Not take any advantage,But this guy is very difficult,In no time,Just ran again,So back and forth,Don’t say unicorn beast,Even these fierce beasts who watch the excitement are also bored,If it wasn’t for the invisible barrier,I really want to rush over and tear this guy to pieces。
The unicorn beast rushed forward fiercely,The raised left fore palm is as big as a bucket,The burning black fire makes people feel an unbearable suffocation.,The giant http://www.naturebestow.cn palm took a picture of Li Tianzhi,This palm seems unremarkable,Not fast,But actually from the moment the selfie was taken,Li Tianzhen’s palms are everywhere,The swirling black flames instantly become one,I want a huge flame to envelop Li Tianzhu in it。
When the giant palm is half down,The flame shroud suddenly tightened,Li Tianzhen, who was in the meantime, felt extremely powerful pressure,The body formed by divine consciousness is instantly compressed and deformed,impressive!
A terrifying hurricane blew up on the sea of vitality,The little golden man was shot so far by the huge wave,The runes surrounding the green beam suddenly soared into the sky,Li Tianzhen yelled,Suddenly a green light flashed across the dark golden knife in his hand,Beep softly,In the next moment, the shadow of the knife will fly around like shining http://www.80must.cn brilliance,In an instant,Li Tianzhen no longer knows how many knives he cut,The brilliance agitated on the flames of the unicorn beast like water,Make it dim in an instant,‘Nine Demon Swing’First style‘The sun and the moon’
Seeing that the flames of flames are light and dark, they will disperse,The giant palm of the unicorn beast has reached the top of Li Tianzhen’s head,Seems silent,But the terrifying power can make the surrounding scenery appear distorted phantom,Suddenly the brilliance dissipated in the flames,A touch of golden light rushes towards the Xiao Han,There was a muffled noise,The whole space is shaking,The dark golden knife could not pierce the giant palm of the unicorn beast,Suddenly collapsed with a crash,Li Tianzhen took the opportunity to break through the flames,Dangerously avoided this palm。
The unicorn beast is really amazing,With a fluttering palm, he broke the short knife made by Li Tianzhen’s vitality,But this time there is another gain,At least when the opponent takes the initiative,He completely used the first style of the knife,Cut the flames of the opponent’s hood just by one line,Much stronger than last time,At that time, Li Tianzhen first started,The first style of the knife has not been fully used,Was fanned by the opponent’s palm,Had to cut off the consciousness to escape from the town magic tower。
“Come again!”Li Tianzhi was proud,This time with my left hand,A same dark golden short knife appeared in his hand,The sea of vitality set off a frenzy again,The rune wrapped around the golden beam of light also turned into a brilliance and sank into the starry sky,Li Tianqi rushed forward with a whistle,Body up,‘Nine Demon Swing’Second type‘Nine days of knife breaking method’,Cut off the yin and yang head of the unicorn beast,The blade shot out a sharp line of light and shadow,Although the details are not available,But it contains the power to break everything,Silently sank into the other’s head。
The speed of light and shadow is too fast,The three unicorn beasts have no time to dodge,In shock, the giant palm shot again,The overwhelming waves of air brought Li Tianzhi and the knife to the third layer directly.,Crashed into the wooden steps on the second floor,The one-eyed spider demon on the second floor was frightened。And there was an earth-shaking roar from the third floor,The yin and yang heads of the three unicorn beasts were cut in half by the sharp light and shadow,Under severe damage,It’s crazy,Dash down the stairs,Bang,The clone was bounced back heavily,Qi Ling also set up an invisible barrier on the stairs,The monsters on the third floor cannot enter other floors。
It took Li Tianzhen a long time to pull out his body from the stairs,Just now the palm of the opponent almost slapped his figure apart,The extremely hot burning and indescribable gravity bombardment made him unable to stand up for a long time,The ambition to fight again,But no matter how the soul was hit hard,I had to cut off the consciousness and leave the town magic tower,of course,When he left, he did not forget to gesture a middle finger to the unicorn beast still roaring。
But he didn’t see,Inside the barrier on the third floor,The yin and yang heads of the three unicorn beasts are now exploded with blood,After a few drops of black and white blood flowed out,The wound slowly closed,Two eyes, one white and one black, were full of hatred and fear。