“Ling sera?”

Hao Lang sat http://www.zanrp.cnup straight,“You are not a joke?”
Summer picking your eyebrows,“Don’t you know the identity of small fish??”
“do not know,We rarely go outside,Even if you go out, it is a task.……wrong!”
Hao Lang face,“Left fish……Small fish surname left,The teacher of the spirit of Ling Sea,Is he royal princess??”
Zhuang Wei has a big girl.,A face is incredible。
“She is not a princess,County。”
Summer doesn’t mind disclosure in advance。
He has a feeling,Left small fish will inevitably put on this freshmen contest。
So,I’m sure I can’t hold it.。
Those new students know the identity of her county。
“It’s actually the main owner.。”
Hao Lang is revealed,“So to say,She has a teacher with a strong,Not a quicker,Today, myself is the power of Ling Sea.。
Ha ha。”
Merely,He couldn’t help but laugh.,“Zhuang Wei,You are working this time.,Will two new students with this assessment to our thorn flower。”
Zhuang Yi is still in shocking,After hearing,Smile,“How do you talk?,How is it?
At that time we were full of sincerity invitation,And our atmosphere of our thorn flower team is the best.,I am right.,Wang Wei。”
“right,The thorn flower is very good。”
Summer is very sincere nod,Not perfunctory,But from the heart feeling。
At least he did not encounter the kind of huttering of other groups。
At this time,Hao Lang sighs,“I thought about it before.,To urge you and left fish practice,It seems that I think more.。”
Summer laughing,“team leader,Don’t say this,We are all new students,Many aspects are not familiar,Nature needs you and everyone’s help。”http://www.sxzhongkai.cn
Hao Weng struggled with chin,“Half a month,Runhai is going to open,The test of Runhai is different from the outside world.,so,For all new students,Time is still a bit urgent。”
Toned,Also,“So I suggest you go to the dragon cave to practice,Inside the practice day,Equivalent to ten days outside。”
Summer eyes bright。
Hao Lang said he was on his heart.。
I know the saving time,He has this plan.。
“but……”Hao Maple brow,“Dragon Cave has nine,Each weight has nine caves,Eighty-one caves……Let it go。”
Merely,He stood up,“I have led you familiar with the road.,At the same time registration。”
Summer still follows,Just some curiosity,“Need registration?”
“Ha ha。”
Hao Lang smiled,Ridicule,“You don’t want to think,Talented eighty cave,How many people have?