This is just a look like from outsiders.。

Summer knife in hand,In the eyes are unlimited killing,He can clearly see any subtle movements in Su Huaishan below。
Just like a single-sided mirror。
Sau Huaishan。
Not only can’t see the opposite summer。
Just when this ellipse is pressed down.,He felt that it was a shadow that was killed.。
Dangerous instinct can make him aware。
But another instinct reminds him,Overvagant。
Although the mirror of the matched ellipse is not large,But the ten parties。
“boom”It seems too heavy,Not really down,The ground is cracking,Dust four splashes,Sputum burst。
“Ah……”Su Huaishan yelled,One instant tear 18 sword。
Jian miles straight up,It is also extraordinary in the day.。
Originally confusing scenes suddenly hysteresis,Everyone around him saw this strange scene。
“Rumble”As if the sky is thunder in the sky。
The swordsmanship of the sky seems to be a silver roll,It seems that heaven and earth。
However, it is a sudden scene.。
A thick sword,I didn’t break this ellipse.。
In this thousand,Among Su Huaishan and anger,Star chart is just a few tremors,The speed of fall is slightly slow。
“this,How can it be。”
Su Huaishan,A tremble, a tremble, a tremble。
He wants to do not want to,Flying in the body,Fast lightning。
Oh or late。
Ate,璀璨 璀比,Blocking blazing,It seems that there is endless star in its surrounding stars.。
After the knife,A person。
Summer is from top,Break out。
The whole person is made into a white man。
“Hunch”Su Huaishan is worthy of Su Huaishan,Beyond the ninth line of virtual。
Although not completely avoided,But still avoiding the harmful part,I was worn by a knife hole.。
The whole person is flying out of a huge power to have more than 20 meters.。
In the broken star chart,Summer scorpion cold。
“boom”Fouquerical instant,Like a mountain shake,Borrowing force forward,Like the immortality。
His eyes are unlimited killing。
And Su Huaishan is still in the air。
“Ah——”He issued a sharp desperate。
Below this situation,People are in the air,Run how he adjusts the center of gravity,There is only one dead end.。
This is the difference between the master.。