soon,Three people on the fifth floor。

There is also a hall on the fifth floor.,Not smaller on the relative to the first floor。
Several people come in,Seven or eight people around the hall,It is watching the swordway。
Look from the body,There is a man and a woman in the sword road.。
“hateful,How is she here?。”
Wen Wen apparently knows the woman in the sword,That Junlang’s cheeks are ugly,After a sentence,There is no hint at all,Go to the right,“Walk away,We go to the fencing room over there。”
Speech,Speed up a footsteps,Quite a kind of wolf。
Summary is somewhat curious,Turnling deeply glanced over the shape of a woman on the sword。
Although I can’t see the face of the woman,Even wearing heavy fencing clothes,But still unable to cover her embarrassment,Especially the legs,Dividend and straight。
And the action at this moment,It is also light,No matter the attack or let go, it is very fast.,Fencing skills are not over the world’s top players。
“She is your friend?”Summer deliberately ridicule。
“Do not,Neither,I do not know her……”Wenwen’s consciousness shook heads,But not finished,Still helpless nod,“Ok,I know her,But we are not friends。”
Summer laughing,Not asked,Followed by an arbitrary housing,And quickly changed the fencing suit。
“summer,As a knight,I must defeat you this time.。”
Standing on the sword,Wen Wen excitedly shouted。
“You will be disappointed。”
Summer is also walking on the sword,And the two beautiful swordsmen were connected to the electronic referee cable for the two.。
“All right。”
“Then start。”
Talk,Wenye’s figure,Hands in hand drawn a cold arc,Lightning tattoo towards the chest of summer。
Regardless of power or speed,Even the action,Wen Wen is doing very standard,Even a lot of professional players。
And there is no use of blood and blood in summer.,Differently dodge and block。
So that is the case,The other party’s movements fall in his eyes,Still odd。
Just in Wen Wen think that you have to hit,But I found that I will be sent first after the summer.,Hands in hand, hit his helmet first。
“impossible!You walked the dog!Come back。”
Wen Wen face is full of strong unbelievable,Quick back,Prepare for the second attack。
One time,Kendo Taiwan is constantly thoroughly。
Luo Qianjin sits on the sofa,Pretty face with a charming smile,Some are lazy watching two people。
Although she has a few skin of the skin with the summer,The whole person is all in the summer.。
But,Luo Qianjin has always had a sense of distance。
Don’t look at him is lazy,Hanging gentle,It can always expose a supernium temperament.。
This is the feeling of the summer brought to Luo Qianjin.……Just like the god of the world that looks at the world.,I will not make him movement in the imitation of anything in the world.。
but,After coming to Si。