Hotel box。

Han Chengguang and Li Ke first arrived,The king followed by Wen Yan chess.。
Some days have not seen,Especially with Li Ke,Since the beginning of the year, I have been in a hurry.,I haven’t seen it for more than half a year.,Meet,The king is on the patriarch.:
“Brother,I finally have a chance to sit.,I will have a drink with you.。
Li Bureau,long time no see,How have you been?”
Han Chengguang laughed back to the stage,Dull。
Li Keke,Probably knowing the king of Wen Yan chess,Maybe it is promised to give him a project ago.,Can not be included in half a year,I feel awkward,Smile is a bit cautious。
“It’s not bad,get off work hours,Don’t call your job.,There are no outsiders here,All friends,Master Wang is not disappointing,I called me.… …Lao Li。”
Wang Liu listened to a spit in the eyes,Almost didn’t laugh,I thought he would want to say something,I didn’t expect to have a Lao Li for a long time.?
It is also very polite.?
So you are also a director.。
“Li Ge,You are too polite.,This way,In the future, I will call you Li Ge.,Don’t call my king.,Call me Xiao Wang just。”
“Correct,Or Xiao Wang listened to cordial,Oneself,Don’t be so polite。”Wen Yan chess took a sentence。
Li Keshun’s slope,Cool laugh:“That,I will hold a big,I will call you Xiao Wang in the future.。”
“now it’s right,Sit first,If you have something to sit down and say。”The king smiled and greeted。
Four people landed,Dot,Skills,Wang traffic is scattered,Four people first swallowed clouds,Both old smoke guns,It is just that there is no evapo.。
Simple and cold,Wen Yan chess directly into the top:“I will say it straight.,This time I find a Lee Bureau,Yes, there is something, I want you to help。”
Li Kerton:“What’s up,you say。”
“I heard that the project of the old building of the municipal government,Now return to Li Bureau?Is there anyone else to have a developer??”Wen Yan chess asked。
Li Ke is suspected:“There are several people who come to come into contact with,But I haven’t finally finalized,how,Textone is interested?”
Wen Yan chess nodded,Laugh:“A little idea,I talked to the king to talk about cooperation.,It’s a good project now.,This project of the old building of the municipal government is still no choice,Then give us how to do it??”
“Yeah Li Ge,The company did not receive the project in most years.,I will wait for rice.。”The king followed the jokes。
Li Ke swept the eyes,Ridicule:“If you want to,I don’t have to say directly to the article.?Looking for me how trouble?”
Wen Yan chess:“My dad, you don’t know.,Principle,How can I come from me?,I am really no way.,So I am looking for you.,You gave help?”
Li Ke Shen,Downtry:“Tessage is rare to open,I can help me,only……This can be a big project,The funds that need to be used are not a small number,And the location is still in the city center,If you do it,Just thinking to cover up,Really,I can’t eat it.。”
Scene can be said,Brothers can also call,But involving interest issues,It can’t make it easy.。
Can be mixed to the Secretary,Old fox,Li Kexin self-inch,No due to Wen Yan’s identity,Rising pinelets,Otherwise it’s trouble,He can’t run,Two people,Cautious:
“The meaning of the city is,To give the project to mature experience,And strong developers,Strive to make the city center into the overall image of the city,Landmark buildings driving throughout the city,It is not low.。
Not long time,Do it or residential real estate,In commercial real estate,The experience is a bit shallow.?”
Old fox,It’s not stupid.……Wen Yan chess,Vowed to the mouth:“You can rest assured here.,We have,Two hundred million,Not enough to add,There is absolutely no problem in funding。
As for experience……You still don’t know?The textile plant can play a lotus flower,Ability is definitely enough,This is back to the city center,The condition can be better than the textile factory.,Coupled with the general person of Wang,Project is definitely no problem,Definitely reach the city requirements。”
At the end, I rushed again.:“Am I right,Total Wang?”
Li Ke also saw it,Eye。
You can really lift me.……Wang traffic heart,Wen Yan chess put him a big one,But my family knows their http://www.maxotv.cnown affairs,How much can he resist?,He still has a lot。