Tuition fees,Blue Xin is completely stupid。

e!!Why didn’t you take a closer look?,She knows very expensive,I didn’t expect it to be so expensive.。
She looked quickly to Lu Haozheng,“Lu Hao Cheng,Do they you can transfer??”
Lu Haozheng looked at her,I know what this little girl is thinking.?
“Blue,can not。”
He cooked the intermediary。
“I drop,Twenty thousand years,Others are a child,I am three children.,This is 60,000,I only have2Million dollars,Lu Hao Cheng,My child is not reading such a school, I can get a lot.。”
Well?!Blue Xin is completely unclear,She didn’t care carefully before.,This look,It’s too terrible.。
It is the most luxurious school in Jiangyou,This money is also very good。
Although all parents have cultivated their children,Do not let children lose on the starting line。
But her child is independence.,Now,Although there is no way to learn top education resources,Can be in ordinary education,They don’t see it, they will be poor than others.。
And now nine years of compulsory education is free.!She can’t earn my child’s tuition.!“Blue Xin。”
Lu Hao Cheng Minglang is like a sunny day,Suddenly gloomy,The embarrassing eyebrows are in a smooth anger,Black and deep look。
Lan Xin was anger by him.,“What?”
Lu Haocheng suddenly pulled her hand helplessly,Looking at her seriously,“Blue,I said it before,Xiao Jun, their brothers and sisters are the children of my Lu Hao Cheng.,I as my father,Will give them the best。”
Blue Xin:“”e!!Obviously,OK?
“Lu Hao Cheng,I just”“You just feel,You don’t want to owe me this feeling,Yes or no?”
Lu Haocheng interrupted her words,Although he said this,This gimmick will not want to think in the past seven years ago.,But,He said this now.,Blue blue will not believe in him。
Blue Xin nodded quickly,indeed,She doesn’t like owe feelings。
Lu Hao has known this.,He holds her hand is incomparable.,He wants to find a suitable opportunity,Tell the blue blue this thing,Otherwise, this will become a slice in the blue heart.。
“Blue,I said it before,We are now a family,Besides,You said everything listening to me.。”
Lu Haocheng looked weak with her。
Blue Xin slightly,That is said,But,Lu Haozheng has no reason to raise children together.。
But what she is saying?,It is also very good。
finally,Blue Xin bowed,On this bone,She is also too late to find other schools.,It’s all over there.。
Dad also said,He will deal with,No matter how she struggled,Dad will not agree with Xiaojun them to transfer.。
Jiangpu Road,Gu Yi Lin helped in Shen Jiaqi one night in Shen Jiaqi。
Shen Jiaqi also didn’t care about him.。
And Gu Yi Lin not let him do,Shen Jiaqi did something,He all grabs。
Take more than 9 o’clock,Shen Jiaqi wants to go back to rest.。
She and the clerk in the store greetings.,Going up your bag will leave,I didn’t see Gu Yi Lin.。
For her now,Not courageous forgive Gu Yi Lin。
Gu Yi Lin,Pick up the jacket,Pursue。
“Jiaqi,I will send you back.!”
Gu Yi Lin said with a wear。
When he arrived here today,Also surprised,I have been from here for some time. ,But I have never met Jiaqi。
Shen Jiaqi’s complicated face,Thousands of touch in the past,Looking at Gu Yi Lin,She is unhappy,And implies faint losses。
“Memorize,Need not,I am not far away.,Soon, I am home.。”