Sometimes light,Sometimes heavy。But the weight is very good。Light movement,Like bullet steel。Just listen to Nalandeping breathe out:“Comfortable!Really comfortable”

His voice just fell,Xia Jianru’s two fingers fiercely pressed Nalandeping’s tail。Just listen to Nalande’s yelling,Neck sideways,Bite pillow。Sweat beads the size of soybeans rolled down on his forehead。But Xia Jian didn’t let go。
Such a process,Xia Jianqiang held it for about four or five seconds,Suddenly he slammed down with two fingers。Nalande screamed,Fortunately, my mouth is biting on the pillow,Otherwise this sound will scare people。
Nalanyu’s mother was shocked and ran in from the living room。Her face panicked,But dare not speak。Xia Jian looked serious,He is engrossed,Say http://www.scgcsl.cnnothing。
From the original hand,Has become two hands。His hands were pushed down heavily from Nalandpin’s legs。
Gradually,Nalande calmed down,He said weakly:“There are two streams of heat from the root of the thigh,Click down,To the feet,I’m so hot now。
Nalandeping finished this sentence,Head tilted,People passed out again。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Nothing,Don’t care,Wipe the sweat off his face first”
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This toss,Xia Jian was also extremely tired。He sat on the edge of the bed,Then he meditated cross-legged。Use to regulate breath,He is recovering his energy。
The treatment just now,No records in ancient books,Daoist Ziyi never told him。Xia Jian relied on some of his own experience in the past two years,He took the risk and tried boldly on Nalandepin.。
But he thought about it beforehand。 There are only two possibilities for this ending,First, it can completely cure Nalandepin。The second is the pain for nothing,To no avail。But now it seems,The possibility of tending towards the first result is great。
A quarter of an hour later,Xia Jian’s face also has fine beads of sweat,After all, this room is closed tightly。If this is in the afternoon,I may sweat a little more。
Just when Nalanyu was reaching out to wipe the sweat beads from Xia Jian’s face,Xia Jian opened his eyes slightly。He took a deep breath and said:“Nothing,You let dad lie down for half an hour,I rest for a while。If the time is up, if I haven’t woke up yet,You just call me”