In the previous life,I stayed in Pengshi for ten years,I also tried Didi Drivers when Didi Taxi was popular,So I am familiar with the streets and alleys of Pengshi,And the restaurant where I met my cousin,Have eaten together before,So I found the place without any hesitation。

Consulted with the front desk clerk,I was led by the welcome lady to the box reserved by my cousin,Push the door open,Cousin Jiang Min、Cousin-in-law Weng Hongjin、Cousin Jiang Yong、Tang’s sister-in-law Xie Tao is already sitting,As soon as I saw me in, I got up and greeted me warmly。
Are all relatives,Of course I dare not entrust,Hurriedly smiled and waved to greet everyone。
Cousin said:“Sambo,I was just going to call you,The first time you came here, I was afraid you wouldn’t know the way,We wondered if we had to pick it up,I didn’t expect you to have such a good sense of direction,I found it right away!”
My humble way:“Mainly this restaurant is quite high-end in Pengshi,Tell the driver the name,He brought me over right away。”
Listened to me,My cousin is a little happy,Secretly praise I can talk,Good attitude,I didn’t make a high profile because of the change in the status of investing with him,Invisible confidence in him has increased by a point。He waved me to sit down and talked。
The cousin handed me the menu and said:“Sambo,We haven’t ordered yet,What do you like to eat?Feel free to。”
I didn’t take Cai Dan,Since the physical fitness improved,It’s really just not picky at all,So I said:“Cousin,This is your home court,We are all from Hunan,Just consider the taste of cousin,I can do anything。”
Cousin responded,Ordered the dishes with the menu,Notify the waiter to arrange for serving。
My cousin and my cousin also received a call from my cousin in the afternoon before they knew I had come to Pengshi,Cousin is an honest man,Not very talkative,Just smile at me。And the relationship between my cousin and me is very kind,Because the first time my cousin came to my cousin’s New Year’s Day, she ran into my family to pay a New Year’s Eve,Then cousin20Coming year,Young and beautiful,I will definitely like it,So they called each sister-in-law,It’s the first time for my cousin to spend the New Year at in-laws’ house.,Definitely more cautious,It’s a lot easier with my hospitality,So I have a very good impression,In this way, the relationship between my cousin and my cousin is compared to my cousin、My cousin gets closer and closer。
The cousin said to me casually:“Sambo,what happened,I don’t know why you haven’t seen it for half a year,Is it because the pig is going up??Got higher,Become handsome,Become mature,Like a man。”
I smiled and raised my hand,Bend his arm and did a show of biceps:“That is required,After college,I every day6Point up to exercise,How to do the same。”
“Hey,Don’t move your hands,Show me the watch in your hand。”My cousin saw at a glance that this watch must be expensive,Asked me to take off my watch and take a look,Medusa label,As the owner of two clothing stores, she must know what it means,Hesitated:“Versace?Watch this work,It’s not like fake,But it really costs tens of thousands,How come you, a college student, get so much money?”
I scratched my head awkwardly,Used to wearing watches these days,I put it on when I went out.,My cousin and sister-in-law didn’t touch my wealth plan,It’s really hard to explain for a while。
Twenty-eight、Fright is greater than surprise
I certainly can’t explain all the reasons before and after the investment to everyone,If I tell them I can’t vote1Ten thousand yuan,Short1It has become tens of millions in less than a year,All the people here can fry the pan。
This is human nature,No one in the world can be immune,When you hear the people you know get rich almost overnight,In addition to envy, what I think of is more jealous。
This is why I have to pull some people onto my own economic warship。