The moon shook his head and shake his head,But in the heart, it is spending the ancient times in the summer.。

“Ha ha,Then I will be polite.,Thank you for many generosity。”
Summer look is full of faint joy,I am like a bowl like a baby.,Two eyes pleats。
That kind of joyful color,Obviously not being installed,But from the heart of the joy。
Look at him so discure,Many people suddenly showed the color of doubts。
“Brother。What is this??”
Longfei’s mouth pulled out a slim,“Only the human brothers,Come and pick up my teeth,Do not worry,Say to you, give you,No someone will grab。”
Summer laughing,It means that the depth is deep,Immediately returned to the previous seat。
Then put the bowl on the table,In the mouth,And what did you think of,“waiter,Prepare a varnish water and towel。”
One of the waiters should immediately sound,Then prepared。
See him,Longfei’s look has also become a bit crazy.,Immediately, I’m thinking about Li Qingshan。
Li Qingshan will immediately,Smile,Say,“Summer,What is the weird in this bowl??”
Summer does not respond immediately,Continue to look at the bowl,After five or six seconds, I only got a bit of Li Qingshan.,Then grinked,Gently spit out two words。
“you guess。”
I guess the nun。
Li Qingshan is dark,The face is still smiling。
“I can’t guess it.,If summer, what is found?,May wish to come out,Let everyone share it。”
Summer is unable to shake the head,“Now this bowl is mine.,I am willing to say,Don’t want to say,Playing eggs while playing,Don’t look for things!”
Li Qingshan face,Looking at Longfei。
“Brother,It’s better to say that everyone listened.,Although this bowl is a cloud,But I am doing the host to you.,Again,Sent something,I will never regret it.,I can’t afford the person。”
This time,Summer nodded,Then look around,Improve sound。“All people have to testify,This bowl is now mine.,And that is evil,Have no relationships。”
NS156chapter Ten rare treasures
Voice is just,Bai Yunfei and Longfei’s face suddenly become iron green。
The two people can’t wait to rush to kill this bastard.。
What is that evil??
What is this one?
The surrounding people are also weird。
But everyone carefully,Is the intention of summer。
What does this guy do water and towels??
Is this bowl really a good cat??
but……is it possible?
Could not help but,Everyone looked to Baiyun Fei,But meet,Dismissive。
Be anti-Dragon,There are many unusual doubts between the look.。