If you return to Doupa at this time,The two worlds are of different levels,So there are big differences between realms。

For example, the innate in the wind and cloud,There is definitely a difference between the heaven and the earth between the warriors who have just entered the innate and those who have entered the innate realm for decades.。
According to Li Chenfeng’s own judgment,If you are fighting,The complete innate martial artist is almost equivalent to the span of the two realms of Doushi and Dadoushi。
So it really doesn’t make much sense to compare the cultivation realm of two different systems together.,Everything can only be calculated according to the energy and combat power in the body。
Seventeen-year-old Li Chenfeng,The energy level in the body is about the level of an eight-star and nine-star fighting master in Doupo World,But the combat power is definitely not worse than those one or two star masters。
Chapter Fifty Return
In addition to repair,Li Chenfeng also obtained several powerful fighting skills。
Like the broken pulse sword qi that he mainly cultivates now,And the eclipse sword technique,Six tactics of proud coldness of the Nie family,Three supernatural powers……These techniques in Doupo have the power between the mysterious rank and the earth rank.。
In addition, there are two magic weapons, the Huolin Sword and Xueyin Sword, both in his hands.。
But Li Chenfeng didn’t plan to use the Fire Lin Sword himself,But to wait for Duanlang to grow up and give it to him。As for the Snow Drinking Knife now it has become a Snow Soul Sword……
“I don’t know if I can come back after I leave this world,When can i come back……and so,Many things need to be arranged in advance。”
Although I am a shuttle,But after all I lived here for so long,There is also the meticulous care of Madam Ao, the nominal mother,Li Chenfeng also has more concerns。
Raised his head slightly,Looking through the open window sash to the distant sky。
“When i come next time,Is the day when the world will be destroyed and Wushuang City!It’s also the time when this worship sword villa rose!”
The firm way in Li Chenfeng’s heart。