First0522chapter Bend and stretch
“Virtue!You are a little tenderer than shameless sister,do you know?A three-year-old child in Wuying Town will say bad women when they see me,Show vixen,I show?It’s you guys“Jia Lina opened her throat and shouted,Xia Jian saw the tears in her eyes。
Life is not easy,Actually everyone has her difficulties,As the saying goes,Barking dog not barking,The barking very happy dog doesn’t bite http://www.qdjiyazhailipin.cn at all。
Jia Lina ran into the bathroom,After a while, he came out with a pot of steaming water,She smiled and said:“Come!Wash your feet,Busy day,Get a good sleep,Tomorrow’s task is unclear“
Seeing this Jia Lina treat him so,Xia http://www.qdwqy.cn Jian’s heart slowly melted,He has a new understanding of Jia Lina。
“Get your feet in quickly!I will wash it for you“Jia Lina urged Xia Jian who was a little dazed,She has squatted down,Rolled up sleeves,Showing two jade arms like white onions。Where is the hand of a rural woman。
Xia Jian hurriedly smiled and said:“Thank you,I’ll do it myself,Just put the water here,You should go and rest early!“
“Isn’t it just a pair of smelly feet?!As if someone is rare“Jia Lina said,Grabbed Xia Jian’s foot,Don’t wait for him to speak,Two of his socks were taken off,Pressed his foot into the steaming basin。
Xia Jian closed his eyes with some enjoyment,Jia Lina’s two jade-like little hands,Stroking lightly on his feet。What kind of comfort is really unspeakable。
Just in Xia Jianxin,While thinking about something better,Jia Lina patted his calf and http://www.diaoyiwang.cn smiled:“All right!Go to bed and rest!You just got hurt,Can’t be too tired“
When Xia Jian recovers,,Jia Lina has picked up the foot wash and entered the bathroom,Then came the sound of closing the door when she went out。
Xia Jian fell on the bed a little annoyed,He didn’t grasp such a good opportunity,No wonder Jia Lina said he was a coward tonight,hypocrite。He really believes Jia Lina’s evaluation of him now。