Chapter Twenty Three Cooperation

What the foursome didn’t expect was,Meet them on Xi’an Road,Not a vicious zombie,I’m not a colleague of the Holy Spirit Society,But a large number of exhausted refugees。
“It seems that the Tianqi government in Dalian has not lost its functions temporarily,I just don’t know what happened to the sub-base of the Holy Spirit Society。”Geng Zhiming looked at the checkpoints on the road and the fully armed Apocalypse Army,“I’m afraid it’s not realistic。”
“Brother, you still want to break through?Didn’t you see the ranks of those leaders?,Two lieutenants and four ensigns,Just by the four of usEYounger brother,You take the lead?”Ye Fan whispered。
(Note:Only those with abilities are eligible to become officers of the apocalypse,The strength of the second lieutenant roughly corresponds to the branch of the Holy Spirit SocietyELevel power。One more thing needs to be added,The division of strength of the Holy Spirit Society is not uniform in the headquarters and branches,Generally speaking, the division is larger than the division,Even the headquartersELevel personnel strength is also higher than the branchALevel personnel。But the Avon City branch is an exception,General branch nosLevel membership,People including Tang Xueqing and Lin’s couple were transferred from the headquarters to monitor Lin Yichen,Therefore, the combat effectiveness of senior combatants in the Evan branch is not weaker than that of the headquarters.。)
“Then just pretend to be a refugee。If they ask us for identification,I decided to leave home,I don’t believe anyone remembers to bring their ID when they run for their lives。”Geng Zhiming waved his hand,“Remember to pretend to be a little embarrassed。”
As expected by Geng Zhiming,The soldiers guarding the checkpoint just asked them casually and put them in。More fortunately,The refugee settlement they were assigned to was the Roosevelt Building。This is undoubtedly a surprise for them。
Geng Zhiming took a few people straight to the second underground floor。They fumbled for a long time on the wall of the basement floor,Finally found the extremely inconspicuous secret door。
The fingerprint lock of the secret door is broken,They easily pushed away。Just when Geng Zhiming was surprised by the defensive measures of the Holy Spirit Victory Branch,The scene behind the door makes them instantly stunned。
There are stumps and broken arms everywhere,A broken leg that was swallowed by zombies to the point where bones were exposed fell from the secret door,Geng Zhiming’s feet didn’t know when he rolled over, one has been cut off in half、Brains flowed all over the head,You can even see floating human eyeballs where the blood gathers……
living hell,But so。
The three people who were totally unprepared for this scene had a physical reaction instantly.,When I rushed out and vomited。
Geng Zhiming’s complexion is not very good,But he survived surprisingly。In fact, the word quite is not very accurate,Because his face is shocked,There are no other extreme mood swings。For a sophomore student,It seems a bit weird to be able to remain calm in this situation。In fact,He probably didn’t even realize this。
“Oh shit,I’ve never been so sick in my life!”Ye Fan’s face is bloodless。
Lin Ran squatted on the ground patted her chest,For the first time she agrees with a person’s point of view。Although Makino Chiba doesn’t understand what he’s talking about,But look at his expression,Presumably he wouldn’t have any opinion。
At this moment,Suddenly heard:
“Who is where?!come out!”
All four were taken aback。In a short while,An officer with the ensign’s epaulettes on his shoulders came in with a few soldiers。
“How did you find out here?”The ensign looks bad,“You are rebels?”