Wang Chao looks at the figure of these people.,Soon, his mouth overflows a blood,Faces like paper。

He turned to the island of the world,Drop on a rock road in the island of the world,Rock road stands on a few breath of horrible,Wang Meng’s figure is in it。
“Big brother!”
Wang Meng lost color,His figure gave up to support Wang Chao。
“My Dragon Snake is missing some things。”Wang Chao’s mouth revealed a smile:“Forced let the dragon snake,It is suffocated。”
NS814chapter he came
“Big brother doesn’t have to blame,You are very can’t afford it.。”Wang Shimin is pleasing to persuade:“Big brother young,Since future,Dragon Snake。”
“good,Small super,You don’t have to blame,You say this, let us have these hives.。”An old man wearing Tang smiles。
“Yes,Dragon Snake,Success is a morning and evening。”Another old person wearing Tang suit:“We believe in you,You must succeed。”
“good,You practice for a few years.,Re-deposit a few years,Be able to succeed,When I went to Nirvana,My world Hongmen has a supreme。”Another figure walked up and laughed。
“Ha ha,Thank you。”Wang Chao Wen Yan Haha smiled:“But things are inseparable,The world’s pattern will change,A new era will come,Although I like the martial arts,But I don’t deny technology。”
“Technology。”Several people heard the words and remembered the vacuum nuclear technology.,This terrible and unparalleled vacuum nuclear technology,It’s really fearful。
“In fact, I feel in a sense.,Technology is an interpretation of another aspect of all things,This is also the same。”Wang Chao is silent:“We cannot abandon technology。”
“But big brother,We have limited strength after all.,The world’s strength is still a power.。”Wang Meng sighed。
“If there is one day,We can build a country.。”Wang Chao’s scorpion suddenly looks to the direction of Southeast Asia.:“Overseas Chinese people need a powerful country.。”
“Yes。”Several Tang’s old people have nodded,And then I regret:“Unfortunately, our world’s Hongmen is thin.。”
“he came。”At this time, Wang Chao suddenly looked at the middle of the sky of the island of the world.。
Several people look at the South Road。
“Qinglong Chamber of Commerce, Lin Feng。”Wang Shangwangwear smiles in the distant sky:“Old old,Wang Meng,Welcome him with me。”
“Yes!”Several elders and Wang Meng nodded,When their figure has moved to the distant void,The distant void came to a figure.。
This figure is a pointer,Holding the body of Perg Gates,This person is obscured by Lin Feng,Lin Feng’s figure came to the periphery of the island of the world.。
“Lin Feng!”
Wang Chao,Wang Meng and the elder figure have come over。
“Wang Chao Brother,Wang Meng,Seniors。”Lin Feng looked at everyone nodded,His face barely reveals a smile。
“Brothers,Things have happened。”Wang Chao went to take Lin Feng’s shoulder:“Don’t be too sad。”
“I see。”Lin Feng nodded:“Is the three powerful people come??”His scorpion is cold,Kill with a bone。
“Already come,But already gone。”Wang Chao Road:“Don’t act rashly,Their number of people。”
“A lot of people?”
Lin Feng heard the rumor:“I see,Wang Chao Brother,Old king,Old old,I will not go to the island of the world.,Take care of yourself。”
He is worried about the world’s Hongmen.,So here is here,Today, the world is nothing,He is also peaceful。
“Brother,Take care of yourself,I will not leave you.,I will go when I am in the sword.。”Wang Chaoyang, Lin Feng Road。
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard a little bit,Then he looks to the distance。
Wang Chao has gone to a region in the south.,Lin Feng heard,His figure has disappeared in the sky in the sky.。
“His cultivation is a horror!”Wang Meng sighed:“It’s too big.。”
“Hey,Undernight,Only what he is such a person can avoid,And kill it。”A Tang Die Signs。
“His Early Wilderness has been small,However, his soul is probably hard to completely heal.。”Wang Chao frown:“The soul is the most difficult for the soul.,Including the injury of the Sister Sister。”
“Big brother,Don’t you completely cure the soul’s drug??”Wang Shi asked。
“have,But unfortunately, the drugs of the Moon Master have been used up.,She is not enough。”Wang Chaoyi:“This kind of drug is the blood of Phoenix!”