This is not an episode,But the content of three episodes。

After recording,Liu Qing didn’t watch the replay right away,But to prepare the evening meal。
Jiang Li wore high heels and recorded the show for several hours,Although it’s the recording of the show on the sofa,But four or five hours of recording,And keep your appearance,I feel tired。
After finishing recording,The first thing she did was take off her high heels and put on slippers,The second thing is to go to the toilet,The third thing is to rush to the bedroom,Lock the door,And throw yourself on the bed,I took out my phone to read WeChat。
Spit out bitterness in the group of girlfriends:
“I shouldn’t accept the invitation to record this show,Sit from 1pm to 6pm today,I feel like my waist is about to break!”
“This is really not a human life!”
But she vomited bitterness and did not arouse the sympathy of colleagues,Instead, they expressed envy one after another:
“But now your show is very popular!”
“I praise you a lot in the comments!”
“Today’s rewards are already available1000Many people,Data is getting better day by day,You are almost becoming a star。”
“I want to replace you,It’s a pity that there is no chance。”
CIMC put it up at noon today。
Yesterday’s data in the first episode was good,After drainage,The overall data has more than doubled from the first episode。
Since this issue is in the mid-term,There is a certain continuity with the previous issue,Audience retention rate is higher。
Even if it hasn’t started to drain traffic through major accounts,The data is also very good。
Only Liu Qing can see the exact data in the background,But at least the number of rewards can be seen by everyone。
It can be seen from this data,This show is very promising。