“Long pool!What you mean this bomb is a combination of killing actions.http://www.wfshicheng.cn ?”Fujiyu,

“I suspect that the killing agency is based.,Playing explosives is a very familiar person,The last time, killing the god action group hijacked the cherry.,In addition, this bombing is very strange.。”
“What is the meaning of long saying long??”Putian’s assistance,
“It seems that the generals I just said didn’t listen to it.,Then I will remind you.,Who can tell me how the explosive device of the six-year car is detonated?!”Qi Rui believes that no one can create such agency explosive device like it.,I can never find out what I will find out.。
Everyone finally discovered this key issue.,They can’t think of how to detonate,Now I say what I will express myself.,So all are silent。
“Because of this case,Let me think of the previous pier bombings,At that time, we didn’t find any clues.,We also investigate,I didn’t find any anti-war molecules.,So how is the dock exploded?,We always thought that someone detonated,But now it seems not,Someone has installed a similar explosive unit detonated pier in advance.!Just like the cherry blossom!”
Shaozuo Zhao listened long-pool, so he said that he suddenly remembered.,I do very similar,Say:“Tiri said that it makes sense.!Pier bombing has been a suspension,It seems that the technique is really the same.!”
“So I said that this bombing is probably the murderous action,Just I don’t understand how these explosive devices detonated!Who knows blasting experts,Let them study me a reasonable explanation!”Ritual。
“Long pool,I have let the blasting expert research。”Shaoxazo said that he said to someone in the seat.:“Allocate,After going back, you will immediately check all the people.!Be sure to find out him!Because it is like a long pool, this person is likely to be a member of the killing action group.!Just find out him,We may unlock these mystery!”
“Wait!”Rui Rui looked at the Tiantu and Bi Zhongliang asked:“Two director,Do you know this??”
“Long pool!I know this today.!I am coming to report the results of the survey.!”Wang Tianmu said quickly,
Bi Zhongliang quickly proved:“Long pool,Director Wang did not know,He went to the explosion site!”
“That is to say, the matter responsible for the Director of the 76th.?”
“Yes,It is the matter that I am responsible for the director of Wang.!”
“General!Or let Director Wang and Director take a few days in Mei.,Seventy-sixth is a key investigation unit!I will personally check people.!”Ritual,
“Isn’t the Longchi Mansion??”Putian’s assistance,
“Putian Machine,Town Town does not know this plan at all,He returned from Chongqing before tomorrow。”Shadowo,
“That bombing occurs,Where is it in the pool??”
“I took me in the legal concession in the legacy of Shanghai Station, BlackBerry!”Ritual,
“I can testify this,This is true!”Fujita Fangzheng and Nanyian Coons said,
“I also guarantee,Yesterday, everyone in our manboos is!”Rui Rui continued,
“Long pool,Press you,You can go to check the 76th and specialist committees.!”Jiaozuo said to the Minglou:“Deputy Director of Ming,Hello, with the long history!”
“Yes!I will fight all my best to cooperate with the long history!”
“General!I can also go back to assist the long investigation of Longchi Machine.?”Bi Zhongliang asked,
“You still stay in accordance with the Changchi http://www.jiangxilucha.cn Machine General.,You may affect the long pool investigation!”
“Then let’s disturb the generals.!”
Rui Rui called Song Jian and Tang Rui each with a team of seventy-six and specialist committees,He is sitting on the Minglou’s car first went to the Secretary。
Car,The Minglou said:“This time, the hard work is long.!”
“Deputy Director of Ming,This is what I should do,Can you let me lose a while?,I didn’t sleep one day a day.!”Rui Rui said that the eyes were complete,In the heart:Do you want me to modify a crush plan?,I mean that you have failed now.!
“Atrial!A little bit,Let the long pool mechanism take a rest for a while!”
“Yes!”Since I am very obvious, slow down the speed,Yellow chassis is faster than his car。
Minglou secretly observed the long-term poolicun,Zhuang Xiaoman is his woman is right.,Also http://www.lightera.cnhelp him manage the elephant,The Shanghai station has changed another one.,But Zhuang Xiaoman is here from the beginning to the end.,This means that she is directly directed by the boss。
Long pool!This mystery,Will I don’t have a high person behind Zhuang Xiaoman?!
When I arrived at the Secretary,Song Jian has sent people to control here,Do not allow anyone to enter。
Song Jian saw Rui Rui,Hurry up and report:“curator!We have already controlled here according to your command.!”
Qi Rui nodded to speak to the bright building:“Deputy Director of Ming,Let you give me a list of insists,I want to ask for an interrogation!”
Next is a very boring interview,During the period, we won Wang Mun asked:“You are also anonymous?”