“Be careful everyone!”

Tiandou, who has long been transformed into Yanlongxia, reminds everyone。
“Evil wood!”
Sasuke stares at the evil wood in front of him。
“Flame Dragon Armor,Really appeared。”
Ignore Sasuke,Emu stared at Tian Dou in front of him,The afterimage suddenly appeared in front of Tian Dou,Pinch Tiandou’s neck with one hand,Picked up Tian Dou。
While the evil wood is acting,Sasuke also followed suit,Sasuke appeared beside Oki,Holding the Kusanaru sword in one hand, looking at the evil tree, the arm that was holding Tiandou’s neck,But it was easily blocked by Emu’s other hand。
“Lei Dun·Chidori Blade!”
Inject the thunder-like chakra into the Kusanagi sword,A blue arc flashed on Sasuke’s Kusanaru sword。
“Ninjutsu is not effective for me.”
Chapter Two Hundred and Seven Woodwind Eagle Armor!
“Mu Dun!”
After Zoranna’s seal,Trees broke out from behind the evil wood that was holding Tiandou’s neck,Wrapped around the limbs of the evil wood。
Although the body of the supernatural beast has natural resistance to the damage of ninjutsu,But it doesn’t work for ninjutsu, which is more inclined to control.。
Struggling with the evil tree,Zolena’s body also began to tremble。
Tian Dou also took the opportunity to backhanded open the evil wood and pinched the palm of his throat,Falling to the ground and rolling away。
“Are you OK,Heaven Dou。”