Is this the true color of animals??

Zhou Ye was taken by Li Shouwei.,Suddenly faced a lot of red。
He has,I didn’t pay attention,Looking for this reminder,Girl is full of collagen’s face is also instant。
“Little My brother,you……”Heno sound slightly changed。
She holds a press release with hands,SLR camera,Slight lower,It seems that it is as if it is a student in the life of a college campus.。
Listening to Henuo sound“elder brother”,Zhou Ye is more hot in my heart.。
This Nima is how a young man can bear。
Compared with Mu Lu’s odor,Zhou Ye is here to find a man’s confidence and self-esteem.,Human paradise!
“He Miss,I,excuse me……”
“Just said it,Interview?What to interview,you say,I must know all。”Zhou Ye is also incarnation with a demeanor immediately.,Camouflage ourselves“Instinctive”。
His eyes become firm and pure,Look directly at the distance。
He noble is something unnatural.。
She pinch the press release in her hand:“Not at night,I will interview you later.?”
NS167chapter All two
“night……Interview late?This is not very good.。”Li Shouwei heard behind,Some sellers on your face。
What is called at night??
He once again fierce again and again.。
“You are fierce, I’m doing.?”Zhou Ye wost frown helplessly。
Li Shoujing’s eyes, cold, such as Jian Feng,Do not leave:“You a little doctor,I stare you,Do you want to?Practice?” Practice a hammer。
Zhou Ye I don’t want to be with this Li Shoujing.。
He has learned a few hands,But looked at Li Shouwei, the arm is rough than the thigh.,He knows himself and this“Saucer”Better,I know that I am in the wind.。
In front of Henu,Be hammerous?Such thing,Can be dolled。
Fortunately, He Non is also anti-hands and pushed Li Shouwei.,Milk milk:“Big head,Is there a copy you talk??You call Xiaofei’s little doctor,I went back and not let my father smashed your skin.,Let you lose 100 times around the playground5000Mi!”
Li Shou suddenly felt that he was very grien.,He General delivered his responsibility,Is to protect Henuo。
Now I am seeing that He has to visit the room in Zhou Ye.!If this is something?
Li Shouqi,Dissatisfaction:“Miss,Even if you let me lose weight1000Second-rate,I am also impossible to let you and this……Doctor Zhou,My responsibility is。”
This time Li Shouwei is no longer straightforward.,Doctor。
Zhou Ye, my trip, my mouth, my mouth,It seems that a successful person looks at the loser。
Sure enough, what is still strong?,Just a word, you can let Li Shouwei in front of himself.。
Hen, listening to Li Shou, I still dare to dare.,Deliberately aggravate:“Then I am taking a shower is also a person.,Do you have to come in??”
This time,Li Shouwei’s dark face also revealed a pink red。
“Not dare。”He finally fell into silence。
Sure enough, the big sister can’t sin.……
This is the conclusion he draws.。
“Don’t dare to be 甭甭 叽,Like a mother。”He Non is somewhat bad。