The door to the room suddenly opened,I saw it was Lin Caiwei、Sister Lin Shuangwen helped Zhang Yuantu, who is getting older, walk in。

“Lao Zhang,Why is your body so weak?”Chen Xiu asked strangely。
Lin Caiwei stared angrily,Shrieked:“Master is not to save you,Put your own……”
Zhang Yuantu interrupted her,Lin Caiwei had to shut up and make no noise。
“Correct……correct,I remember when I finally competed with the ancestor Baihu,Suddenly realized《Tao Te Ching》The method of spiral energy,Promise cut out in a whirlpool,Hurt http://www.ynlccg.cnhim anytime,My true energy was over-consuming and fainted,Why do I wake up and feel my true anger rises!”
860 Escape from Hong Kong Island
I couldn’t help but say again to Lin Caiwei in silence.:“Of course your anger has risen,That is my master……”
Zhang Yuantu shouted angrily:“Weier,If you do nonsense again,I will drive you out!
Judging from the expressions of Zhang Yuantu’s master and apprentice,Obviously they have something to hide。
“Lao Zhang,what is the problem?”
“No……It’s nothing……”
Chen Xiu pretended to be angry and said:“If you tell the truth,Waiting for you a hundred years later,The head of this one exorcism gate makes me not answer!”