If I caught Song Lin in front of Lin Shao,Maybe I still have a chance to atone for my sins。

The whole Xiangjia is compared with Enqing,Xiang Yanghong cares more about her family。
And Song Yan is still in the hospital,Don’t know at the moment,I can survive,Is already a great opportunity,I dared to find fault with Lin Yu。
See one day pass,Started in my mindyyThink,Lin Yu,Is it a big deal at the moment?。
Just thisyyLess than a minute,The ward door was pushed open,A group of people suddenly rushed out。
Don’t wait for Song Yan to speak,So he forced Song Yan on the hospital bed,Just forcibly stuff it into the pig cage。
Also caught,And at home,I just got married for a few days with myself,A wife who is more than twenty years younger than herself,Song Lin in motion。
Just halfway through exercise,The door was knocked open。
then,These people are even polite,Don’t be polite to Song Lin,He also stuffed Song Lin into the pig cage。
But this is not the most hateful,The really hateful thing is,While these people captured Song Lin,Not let him put on clothes,Just take the sheets and wrap him up。
And for the Xiangjia people,To apologize to myself,Will catch Song Lin,Lin Yu didn’t know。
Seeing this Xiangtian was scared and paralyzed aside,Lin Yu looks at the guard。
“No danger now,You go back first。”
“Ok,Lin Shao。”