He spit out the word subconscious,Then on the road SCI -,“We walk。”

Heap……SCI – stay,“Domingo……”“Let it go,We went elsewhere for dinner。”
Bai Xiangming rare explain the sentence,Also,“Then things just happened and I say it again,Rest assured,He dares to bully you,I am in the White House hit us in the face,It is required to pay the price。”
Deep eyes Bai Xiangdong surging haze。
He recognized the guy sitting across from the second night。
Not to say how good http://www.dingchengsm.cn his memory。
His younger brother Bai Xiangdong was interrupted legs,To investigate the natural culprit。
But the information fed back information,Let Bai Xiangdong quite surprised。
Not to say that summer in Qinghai done the dirty shocked him。
In fact。
In addition to the limited number of information,Early summer done before,It had already been artificially erased the traces。
To Bai Xiangdong energy,Although large and small port city,But also stretched his hand not so long。
Only know the identity of the mysterious background quite summer,Even Qinghai have four families whom fear。
He said the big bullies and Qinghai。
This is not the most important。
When Bai Xiangming see summer photos,This guy is very familiar feel,Where as if seen。
Can any thinking about how he can not http://www.sxshengshi.cn remember。
Until just a moment。
Only talents in the top circles know,The reason why Zhou is collapsed so quickly,It is completely caused by a mysterious person。
And that mysterious people……Just associated with the second night,It is said that the second night father gave her mysterious power left.。
This is the reason for the shareholders of the big flowers in the second night.。
Many large and small families have secretly investigated,Except for some photos taken outside,I also check the identity information of this person.。
White didn’t think,It was hit by yourself.。
Brother is interrupted by this guy because of a woman named Zhang Yuxi.……The second night signed Zhang Yuxi to his name……Now that Han Jingjing is so coincidental again.,Shaded by this guy……All this。
Really coincident?。
First1981Chapter Grave
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Fu Linmen Restaurant。
Summer and second nights。
Chat,Gourmet dishes while eating on the table。
“Dahua Entertainment Company is such a situation,Is the most delicious cake of Zhoujia,But now the internal disputes are very powerful.。”
Toned,The second night, red wine is lightly http://www.jdxycl.cn lighter.,Also,“Overall, two factions,A sent to the white home,Another female family and Chu family……Gu Jiahe Chu family did not have shares in Dahua Entertainment。”
She looks straight to the summer,Eye flashes,“The two shares have given me.,Name,I am the biggest shareholder of Dahua Entertainment.。So in many people’s eyes,My mountain is the Gu Jiahe Chujia.。”