Since Yu Wenzhen wants to play,Then play with him.。

NS1097chapter Refue capital(middle)
Night is already deep,Solitary,Someone squats on the ground burns。
April’s night is still a little cool,But the weather is no longer inhibited.。This person burns in the middle of the night,Still on this Tour,It is really difficult to understand。
“I thought that there would be a ghost in the evening.,Who knows is a lie?。”
Gao Bao Yi speaks for a sentence,He is a small stone monument in front of him.,The famous name is engraved in the ocean,Nickname,Life, etc.。Gao Baoyi has no feelings to Gao Huan,But for the sugure,He is grateful from his heart,Although the other party has also killed him。
in other words,He came to this era,It is really too lonely.。Anyone who knows him,In order to walk into his heart’s deepest place,Ocean,It is precisely one of yourself.。
“You used to integrate Jinyang’s forces before,Ten times in the year to and from the city and Jinyang,I am afraid that those arrogant will rebel。
now,I will help you solve this problem.,How about it,I am not very powerful.?Exceeding your imagination,Right?”
Gao Bao is constantly plus paper money into the brazling,It is like the other party really can receive these paper money in the land house.。
“It is also very tired throughout the whole day.,Seems to be a scenery,Actually,Free self-excited happiness。I think,You must be because of this,Only do those things inexplicably。”
“Yet,I’m not you。”
Paper money has been burned,Gao Bao stands up,Take the dust road:“What you can do,I can also do it.。What you can’t do,I can also do it.。
You are not always wanting to destroy Zhou Rang??So……Five years,Before the past, the world is decentralized to the country for five years.。So,I can’t do it more than him.?
Four years,For four years, I gave Zhou Guo.,When I come here to tell you,How about it?”
Gao Bo Yi haha laughed three times,Just this smile is some twisted and painful。
“Stop,Today is to tell you,Your kind,I am already awkward.,Guarantee that they are rich in peace,You can rest assured。As for others,I don’t owe them.,They don’t owe me?,How is it behind?,Everything is based on this matter.,You also have to understand this,Everyone is playing like this.。
Wildfire is not exhausted,Spring breeze is born again。I will see you next time.,gone,No need to send。”
Gao Bao is turned,Darkness,It seems that if there is a hidden sigh,Listen carefully,But it is the ever-moving voice of all things.。
After the spring of spring,Zhou Guo’s War Machine,I started to turn slowly。That batch of rules“monk”,In addition to most of the farmer,Also tens of thousands of people have been put into the folding house,Becomes a soldier“troops”。
these people,Everyday is also a farm,But once the country is called,They will bring their weapons immediately.。However, it is different from the past.,Yu Wenxi reforms the preparation of the government。
before,Zhou Jun army discipline,It is mainly reflected in each big hill.,Who is the trophy? Who is it?,And the central is not responsible for the food of the army。
to be honest,Is a white strip,Calling the soldiers to fight。Win the blood to earn,If you lose people, you will not say it.。
However, the country is now stable.,This disadvantage is getting more and more obvious.,Recent performance,When the West Weijun attacks the battle of Jiangling。
Thanks to Liang Yuan Emperor Xiao Dynasty.,Thanks to the Nanliang Army,otherwise,After breaking the river, you will rely on the various performances of the West Weijun who smashed.。
Which army is never killed?,Can have their little life!
At that time, in order to grab rich Jiangling City,Those people have to have their own fire.,Even Yu Wentai can’t see it.!
And Yu Wenzhao masters the regime,The first thing to reform,It is the right to collect the weeks of the war.,Changed from the unified allocation of the court。
so,Relying on the battle to order the trophy,There is no better grab.。
Corresponding,Everyone is no longer responsible for their own food,Responsible by the court center,Weapon equipment,The court only solves the most basic spear and military uniforms,others,Still to solve themselves。
This is also the benefit of all parties.,The resulting reform。Don’t see Yu Wenzhao is impatient,His penetration and control of the army,It’s really a water drop stone.。
and,It used to be only the people in the military commander.,It is now more than half of the country.,All one of the military soldiers。
Only those who are unique,Will be free from entering the government。
Thus,Yu Wenzhao will put half of the country’s human resources(Strong)Add to the government system。certainly,As for the other half, it is really unique.(This situation is in ancient times.),Then only know the day.。
to be honest,This is Yu Wenzhao’s compromise on Guanzhong’s largest households.。