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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One(Subscribe)
Several people looked at each other and walked out with a sigh,They really don’t want things to happen again last time,Lin Yan’s talent made them all see,The title Douluo, who killed the twin spirits with the soul emperor, may only have appeared in the past.,Even Yuntian 10,000 years ago did not say that he would use the power of the soul emperor to fight against Titled Douluo。
The moment he took a few people away, Lin Yan immediately rushed up and hugged Bibi Dong tightly on the back.。
There is no expression on Tang Yuehua’s face,In her eyes, everything Lin Yan’s did was right,Tang Yuehua can accept anything as long as she lives up to her。
“You let me go,You didn’t stabbed yourself three times,The man who took his soul bone out of his body abruptly?,How come back!”
Lin Yan turned Bibi Dong’s body and looked at her,I kissed it without saying anything,Bibi Dong immediately struggled,Gently tap Lin Yan’s chest with his right hand,Struggle slowly and slowly become smaller,Finally fell in love with both eyes and kissed Lin Yan。
After a long time, Lin Yan and the two gradually separated,Lin Yan waved Tang Yuehua directly and flew over,Lin Yan hugged them tightly,The two of them blushed instantly and bowed their heads like a red apple。
“Sister Yuehua,Rest assured,I, Lin Yan, swear by my martial soul that if I lose you in this life,Never enhance any soul power,Never become a god!”
The two of them looked at Lin Yan who had sweared and nodded heavily.,Bibi Dong leaked an excited expression,After many years, I finally waited for Lin Yan’s confession,Under the crown of the pope who used to be aloof, now in Lin Yan’s arms is a little girl who understands youth。
“Okay, Yan’er,Take Yuehua to take a good rest,Come here to pick you up at night。”Bibi Dong whispered。
“Ok,Good sister,Let’s go take a rest!”After speaking, take Tang Yuehua’s right hand and walk out,Bibi Dong slowly sat down at this moment。
The elders of the Spirit Hall outside are waiting anxiously,They are really afraid of repeating the past,When Lin Yan came out, several people ran over in a daze。
“Young Master,I didn’t embarrass you!”Juhuaguan worried。
“Thank you elders for your concern,Not embarrass me,I’m back from today,This is my woman, you all know,Tang Yuehua!”Lin Yan introduced。