He is only one apprentice around him.。

Even he feels recently,Dog egg uncle put some commercial confidentiality,He feels that there must be something http://www.yk9999.cn that you can’t let out.,I’m slowly telling him.。
Su Yuqing can’t think of it.,I don’t dare to think about this.。
In fact, the dog egg is a person under his own sister.。
“If the dog’s egg is still in the village.!Let’s find a chance to thank them.!On the town,It is not convenient to go to it.!”
“fine,Uncle, they come back every year.!When we arrived, thank you again.!”
Su Yuqing also feels good to thank people。
It’s an estimated person in this world.!Kung Fu to the bottom of the pressure box is happy to teach an outsider,Still knowing that you will finally stand on the door.。
The initial Su Yuqing still does not feel anything,Teacher learning!The master should teach anything.!
Until with the dog egg uncle, the human life of half a year,I know that things are not so simple.。
Church apprentice,Starvating http://www.xingronlaling.cn the number of things
207chapter the truth
I don’t know if the dog’s egg is from home to eat.,Will not reveal stuffing??Otherwise let him not come over.!
But just,It is grateful to your own big brother and a big man.!
Niu Niu supported the chin,Secret thinking。
Is it the truth of telling the big brother??Can you help yourself to hide something?!
For example, dog eggs go to the county town to do business、Earn silver money is not accidental!
The relocation is not accidental.!
The big brother is not accidental.!
Both is your own plan。
Surgical plan。
“Niu Niu,What are you doing?Still sitting on the table,Still not eating yet??”
Zhou Chen called a girl who is laughing.。
“no,I’m stuffed!”
Niu Niu jumped down the chair,Sitting to the yard。
On the surface, I listened to the big brother to talk http://www.jlsongshui.cn about the godged things I met on the road.,But in fact, I don’t know where to fly.!
Things are back to three years ago
That day,Niu Loun often looking for a grazing
“Kid him,what is the problem?How did Zhou Ye suddenly turned to face?,Put you into this?Can you not be good before??Also say to reuse you!”
“Not to make me into this,He is just wanting my life.!If it is not a big palm?,Have a heart to save me,You can’t see me now.!”
“how come?Do you not have a head??”