No need to explain,No proven。

Just a look,Everyone judges,This small tree is what they look for。
to be exact,Is that nine crystal clear,Leaves,Jiudi life and death。
“US……”Half half,Wantong taking a hoarse voice,“Successful?”
The process is surprisingly smooth,Successful can’t believe。
But this is the fact。
Pestural conditions,And under the powerful calculation,It is also a matter of course。
NS3280chapter White blade
Endless blood sea,Broad and boundless,One of the three major dangers of the sacrament。
The seawater here is like blood。
Sometimes,Sometimes aging,Time and death,If you burial, a world。
Tens of thousands of miles in the west side of the College,It is the nearest coastal area.。
This area is round within a thousand miles,It is covered by endless floods.。
There are no huge monster in the mountains.,From time to time, it is heartbroken.。
Also there is a seat mountain、River、Plain。
But some mountains have changed significantly.。
No longer a fairy-like cloud,The forest in the mountains has no vitality。
Completely covered with a red fog,It will pass the ghosts from time to time.,As if there is an endless ghost and evil spirits in grief。
A red mist hill top,Nine fairy wind bone-like hood sitting peak。
They have to send all white,Face, such as a baby,Big sleeve;Some faces such as the silver basin,目 星,Handsome man like thirties years old。
Everyone,All[55 55biz]There is a matrix,Also known as the array。
Nine people continue to print,Enter a powerful and thick energy to the array。
In this way, it is constantly consolidating the crack of the seal.。
They are the nine old ancestors of the Jiudao, the Jiudao of the Jiwu Inner Hospital.。
This giant mountain,It is a chaotic small and external seal node。
After three days and three nights,They have successful。
No one leaves,on the contrary,Everyone’s look is more downgry。
for a long time。
One of them looked at the four-year-old man smiled.,“We can only press short-lived,This is not a long time,If you can’t find life within three years,This seal node will be destroyed……”There is no left.。
In addition, the eight ancestors did not pick up.,I understand that I’m impossible。