“do not,Let me do it。”Luo Yilin winked at her,Smiled,“You young couple hurry up and have a chat。”

She couldn’t help but say,Turned around,Quickly entered the kitchen。
“how about it,Do you feel uncomfortable?”Qiao Yiyi touched Mo Xiaosheng with concern。
“Nothing,How can this little poison poison me,Yiyi,Did you forget it,We are practitioners。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled gently at her,Then he said something in a low voice,
“correct,How long have you not practiced。”
“I am too busy,No time。”Qiao Yiyi is also depressed,“I’m still stuck at the peak of the Human Profound Realm,I’m thinking about whether to take some time to find sister Yanyu。”
“Ugh。I feel really wasting your Yuehua Spirit Body for nothing,In the spiritual world,Your physique is not good for practicing,It’s really violent。”Mo Xiaosheng was also emotional。
“But I have already planned,Stay some time,Let’s go to Shuiyuezong,Go there to find some elixir, spirit grass or something。”
“Ok,We haven’t seen sister Yanyu for a long time。”Qiao Yiyi nodded,After thinking about it,“correct,Can Yilin practice??”
“I do not know。”Mo Xiaosheng looked back at Luo Yilin who was busy in the kitchen,“She is not a special physique,But then we will take her to Shuiyuezong,Let Sister Yanyu see,Maybe you can practice。”
“Ok,If Yelin can practice as well,That’s great。”Joey nodded repeatedly。
“I will peel an apple for you。”Qiao Yiyi got up to wash the apples。
“No more,Yiyi,I do not want to eat。”Mo Xiaosheng shook his head。
“I’ll make you a cup of tea……Do not,Drink water……”
“Yiyi,I’m not thirsty。”