Yongxing Supermarket’s business is really good now。

But the profit is relatively low,It’s basically Walmart and Carrefour50%That’s it。
Even if it is the top sales in five stores,But the profit of the five stores is estimated to be less than the top20。
If we add so many manpower,,Lin’an City’s volume and consumption capacity will definitely be able to support,But I will go back to the old places in the future?
If you do three shifts over there,Is it a waste??
If three shifts are not implemented,But implement two shifts,So how do they think the third shift in Lin’an is so easy??
Will definitely feel unfair。
That’s not good,Not conducive to mobilizing their enthusiasm for work。
One of the biggest features of Yongxing Supermarket today,Is the enthusiasm of employees,That is good。
Yongxing Supermarket is bursting with word of mouth,The reason is not low price,But their various services,Make people feel,You come in and don’t buy something,I’m sorry。
Once this feature is lost,Then Yongxing Supermarket can still be so outstanding,Can it still be so hot and thriving??、
Obviously not。
So this kind of thing that easily shakes the foundation of Yongxing Supermarket,Zhang Duocai dare not consider it seriously。