I can’t help but give him anger.。

Crispy applause『swing』In the fierce battle scene,All people’s gaze brush“Initiator”。
枝『color』, A:
“Good,Wonderful, 呱 叫。”
Several Xiao Jie:“……”
Almost deformity:“……”
Almost just standing in the opposite side of Gu Yuan:“It is really good。Since, Don’t leave。”
At the end, three words exit, Gu Yuan also out。His weapon is still the thin silver chain,The score is easy to make the weapon, But not more than sharp knife swords,The pen is straight to the blessing。
Xiao Yao lifts the sword, Sufficient situation in a short time,Therefore, http://www.ofiber.cn in the moment of impacting in the blade,He opens:“Teacher brother, You are angry in you。But no matter how,Can’t work with the Mozu!”
Gu Yuanzi,Coldly:“What are you fart??”
Xiao Jie insisted that I want to take this mistake to my brother.:“You go back at this moment.,Will ask the head to ask,Free punishment。Other things……There will be a result,Don’t come back。”
Gu Yuan:“……”
Gu Yuan silent a few seconds,Looking forward to branches:“Did you not want to point??”
枝 拽 下 的 的 的:“Brother,He is a magic。”
Xiao Jo:“?”
Xiao Jo’s expression is like a surprise meritorious,Although there is no face『dew』Disappearing traces,But the shaking in the eyes is earthquake:“he——”
枝 点 点,Absolutely affirmative attitude,Give an incredible boy, a man who is awake,“He is a magic,real。”
Excessive information,Or facts are completely deprecated,Xiao Yao’s sword moves unchanged,Stalemate。
Branch explore the head:“Festival。”
Gu Yuan bruises:“Transition。”
Xiao Jo:“……”
裴 星,Whisper reminds:“After this approach,It’s anxious to leave here.。”
This is like a signal,The tail will be scattered in the air,Gu Yuan’s body has a near future.。His hands long chain coagulates three feet,Narrow than the sword、More rough than arrow,It caused weak humming。
Xiao Jiefei welcomes,Hard hard。
Zhangzhou City is followed,He has no weapon,All with a pair of iron palms。More brooding than Gu Yuan,He is vain, a palm, hit, to branch,裴 星 星 挡,Early is ready to turn。
Yan Fengxing did not be hit by him,Poor risk risks,Painfulness is rapidly spread。Hey『color』Slight change,Quick horizontal sword http://www.famous1.cnback,This sword is extremely fast、Greatness,From the lower right point of the drill, the back of the Lord City。
Yan Zhi did not be hit,But it is not auspeted:The four high-order monks present were pair.,The rest of the Mozu can only be payable.。
This support is simply suffocating。
枝 手 手 剑、Left hand『Medicine』pink,Specting:“A good thing is difficult to take into account two,This is forcibly sword Dan Double repair.。”
According to such a big movement, the people in the city,It is separated by the hidden big array buried at the city.,Decocted that the Yuan Ying is even difficult to notice that there is a spiritual fluctuation。
Multiple ends of the silver chain in the hands of Gu Yuan,A thin chain that is broken into a curved wrap,It is unexpectedly attacked to the fragile part of the human body;A little attention,http://www.fysanlultd.cn It also clots together into sharp cutlery,Put in a hurry。
“Xing Xifan!”
Bought,Gu Yuan evacuated the name of Zhangzhou City,That tone is closer to the break,“What are you doing??”
Xing Cai Sail is looking back:“In fighting。”